An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1468.01 (4,246,575th)
761 (191,535th)
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Title Δ
How to use c++ objects in c? -1.03
how to replace a portion of a string in matlab -0.92
C++, Object model and polymorphism: runtime checking -3.64
Access struct property by variable value +2.61
Why does my program fail to link when I change the order of g++'s a... -2.26
How to calculate nth n-digit palindrome efficiently? -3.12
error C2761 member function redeclaration not allowed +0.20
C++ - Delete std::string*; heap corruption +2.66
How can I transfer an eclipse project to a new computer? -1.82
Function to add node to a tree 0.00
Why the line is printed twice? +2.80
Lock tree algorithm deadlock detection +0.32
using dynamic_cast to point to other derived class object 0.00
Extracting values from a string c++ -1.72
How do I get available disk space from Windows using C? 0.00
What is a non-defensive method in java? +4.19
pthreads are not executing serially -0.35
Splitting a comma-delimited string of integers -2.73
Extremely slow random string generator -3.78
Why does using std::vector<> instead of std::list<> cau... -3.31
Algorithm to minimize number of reads in 2D array +0.28
check palindrome in a SINGLY link list -3.15
Path tree to tree structure +0.12
What does this printf mean? +0.16
Array written as name[x, y] rather than name[x][y] -1.20
how to draw three graphics on the same figure? -1.55
Size of struct containing double field -1.91
Why would you pass an object by value in C++ +2.25
C/C++ - Pointer passed to function in DLL +0.15
Strange multiple assignment error in C++ -3.07
What is the difference between "::" "." and &qu... -2.31
multi dimensional array in c -1.55
C/C++ Static Library Current Directory +3.51
How to delete in char pointer array in C +0.11
Call a method from another class java -2.92
How to store a long hex value message in C++ -2.47
What is the difference between x64 and IA-64? +2.97
C++ Breaking DWORD into characters -2.17
C++ toString() with sprintf() -2.90
How do you prevent access to a mutually accessible variable? -4.00
C++/Win32 Smallest possible MessageBox("Hello") app exe? -3.29
Pointer in Java C/C++ conversion -1.19
Issue when "fixed" stream manipulator is removed -2.00
Bitwise Manipulation Functions +3.82
Need help on calculating operational complexity of this algorithm +2.20