An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.01 (135,229th)
1,002 (153,251st)
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Title Δ
Why does sorting a vector with execution::par take longer than norm... 0.00
How compiler decide which function template to call? -3.42
Forcing uninitialised declaration of member with a default construc... +1.33
C++ memory layout of inherited virtual class 0.00
Use Forwardly Declared Template Class in Header C++ +0.12
thread racing when working with vector of data in the thread function +3.80
"failed to open '/etc/gitconfig' - permission denied&q... 0.00
Returning a vector containing objects by reference 0.00
Accessing a structure through another structure member in C++ +4.01
C++ need a good technique for seeding rand() that does not use time() -0.15
Generic and non-generic interfaces and inheritance - ambiguity whil... -2.74
Using MongoDB C# Driver write ElementMatch with Regex query 0.00
Automatically resize list row for iOS in Xamarin Forms 0.00
c# WPF Change the check color of a CheckBox -4.10
How to return Distinct Row using LINQ -4.48
Struggle with dataGrid styles WPF -0.59
Search within PDF Files to Find a String 0.00
elegant way for an object composed of other objects to fail in c# -4.22
How to get to a data object of class A from Class B (not from the m... +2.58
How do I cast a function with a derived argument to a function with... 0.00
XAML - Get ListView to use full height of grid cell 0.00
Fast way of finding most and least significant bit set in a 64-bit... +4.02
Removing required properties from EF Model, because it is read only +4.06
WPF: comboBox data binding issue +3.86
Algorithm to make the fewest call to an API -1.12
cost of lines in algorithm help me understand this 0.00
Parallel radix sort with virtual memory and write-combining 0.00
How would i sort a queue using only one additional queue 0.00
wpf Double Column in DataGridView 0.00
Cannot pass a SQL Update query, may be problems with DatePicker for... +4.02
Maximize the area utilized by rectangles put in a circle +0.03
How to pass a comparator to the constructor of a class 0.00
Random path generation algorithm +3.66
Too many LET clauses cause slow query, but cannot use extension met... 0.00
Binary search and invariant relation +2.16
Import and Read part of PDF 0.00
Non-restoring Floating Point Square Root Algorithm +0.99
Circular Left Rotation Algorithm in C# -4.35
Determining which algorithm is asymptotically faster 0.00
Is Databinding or TemplateBinding supported within the VisualStateM... -3.87
Having trouble setting up dynamic programming -0.57