An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1541.75 (10,683rd)
75,673 (1,109th)
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Title Δ
Changing Unix Timestamp of type long? to a nicely looking date whil... 0.00
Files getting modified while cloning repository from BitBucket 0.00
I am building a Double Linked List in Java, when I try to retrieve... -0.06
HttpAntiForgeryException is not present in .net core 0.00
Maven artifact cannot be resolved; attempting to resolve artifact f... -0.40
How to format ZonedDateTime 0.00
Why does this method allow a double to be stored in ArrayList of ty... +2.63
Can I convert a Map<String, List<Integer>> into a Multi... 0.00
Deprecated - Methods with the same name as their class will not be... -2.08
How to check if between two points in time C# +0.44
Im getting error while trying to run program after used clean state... -1.20
How to give write permission in c# console project +0.27
Java polymorphism - How to determine whether superclass vs subclass... +1.12
New keyword used with Interfaces 0.00
Docker image git clone error "fatal: Not a git repository" 0.00
Adding BigDecimal.ZERO to another BigDecimal value 0.00
Receiving "Not a WAVE file - no RIFF header" when creatin... +2.07
java method takes a T extends Number -0.92
Why is it not possible to use both readonly and fixed-size buffers... -1.33
How can I store newline character in char variable? +0.69
git checkout -- . vs git checkout -1.52
Why does the compiler not infer the generic type +0.44
Thread names with implementing Runnable and extending Thread class 0.00
Why doesn't Math.Round() support float? 0.00
Get audio to play in JAR File +0.44
Possible problems with String reversing using charAt method +1.45
Is possible to set a default value and then change the value in a c... +0.41
How to get inheritance entity by using joined sub entity in jpa? 0.00
Java generics Enum subtyping Interface +2.09
How is Minecraft able to function without a META-INF folder? 0.00
Is there a way to create a jar file in a maven project only with th... +1.18
ZonedDateTime as PathVariable in Spring REST RequestMapping -0.86
Generic constraint not applying +0.46
JDatePicker jar can't find local en_GB? 0.00
Understanding Apfloat and its precision 0.00
linked list and objects issue -1.03
ConcurrentHashMap crashing application compiled with JDK 8 but targ... -0.54
Why does the JVM not detect missing method implementation? -0.53
Exit from Java Callable if Exception occured 0.00
JRE System Library - Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 -0.53
creating JPA annotated entity for join table using only the ID fields -0.53
Error after Maven Package -0.58
Storing and comparing a large quantity of Strings in Java -0.41
Comparator of generic class in Java +0.07
Which Spring Maven dependency provides class MockMvc? 0.00
Does the JDK/JRE version alone determine the result of 0.00
Handling ¿ in Oracle +1.03
Calling (non public) methods from overriden method -0.39
indices not reading properly -0.05
SimpleGrantedAuthority cannot be resolved 0.00