An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rodney P. Barbati

1495.63 (4,130,090th)
743 (195,888th)
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Title Δ
V-for from a nested array -1.80
Dependency Injection not resolving fast enough for use when a servi... -3.53
How to build multiple range sliders with Vue? 0.00
NetBeans syntax highlighting, VueJS single file components, and pug 0.00
Updating arrays does not re-render in Vue even when using Vue.set -0.06
Posting huge datasets to a webservice from excel VBA -1.44
OOP Design: Abstract class design vs Regular Inheritance -2.12
Java animation about reframing an image 0.00
vue.js vue-grid-layout exchange widgets by drag and drop 0.00
Sending updates to objects from client to nodejs -1.85
vue js 2 : how to communicate between store and a component -0.22
How to wrap a function with a varying number of default arguments t... -2.68
calling a function via LPVOID with up to 10 arguments of different... -0.34
VueJs reactivity with parent component property object 0.00
Java executor model that allows running tasks only on instantiating... -2.38
Create table using SQL combining column data from two or more other... -0.14
Reflection issue, mapping database to object java-android +0.38
This runs on single thread or multi thread? +3.90
Angular $http vs service vs ngResource 0.00
Battleship AI - completely lost +3.73
Javascript: How to create new div dynamically, change it, move it,... 0.00
Java-Multithreaded Compression with Deflater 0.00
C# call server service from wcf web service 0.00
How to use ng-repeat without an html element 0.00
Ensure child element cannot exist without parent Using Xsd +4.19
What exactly is ListView.RetrieveVirtualItem Event - C# 0.00
How to prevent CXF client service from deadloack? 0.00
With or Without Spring, is there any improvement in performance 0.00
JBoss 5.1: Spring @Resource annotation not working 0.00
WCF - Design Parameter Decision 0.00
Compression / Decompression of Strings using the deflater 0.00
Create WCF service client with specified address without specifying... 0.00
Why are interface method invocations slower than concrete invocatio... 0.00
Why can a .NET delegate not be declared static? 0.00
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded 0.00
Base 64 encoding in HTTP Basic Auth 0.00
How to do the processing and keep GUI refreshed using databinding? 0.00
how to use dictionary two way in c# 0.00
Learning to think in the Object Oriented Way 0.00
Why is "copy and paste" of code dangerous? 0.00
XPath to return string concatenation of qualifying child node values 0.00
Is it good practice to use java.lang.String.intern()? 0.00
Java multiline string 0.00
How to convert a Java object (bean) to key-value pairs (and vice ve... 0.00
Java: Enum parameter in method 0.00
(no) Properties in Java? 0.00
Java: Best way of converting List<Integer> to List<String&... 0.00