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1504.90 (143,390th)
40,630 (2,725th)
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Title Δ
CUDA shared vs global memory, possible speedup 0.00
Techniques for increasing arithmetic intensity of elementwise CUDA... 0.00
Is it possible to print specific lines out of this code? +0.22
How do Compute Capabilities 7.x & 8.x assist cooperative group... 0.00
Launching the right number of CUDA blocks for a custom PyTorch acti... 0.00
Getting "instantiation resulted in unexecpted type" with... 0.00
Mixing implicit and explicit CUDA streams 0.00
Missing symbol: cuDevicePrimaryCtxRelease vs cuDevicePrimaryCtxRele... 0.00
How to properly reroute output (away from std::cout)? 0.00
What is the CUDA Math Library equivalent for arg()? 0.00
How do I tell meson setup about the location of a dependency? 0.00
How can I determine the full CUDA version + subversion? +2.07
Why does printf() work within a kernel, but using std::cout doesn&#... +1.27
Is there a way to "translate" types in C++? +0.37
how to use lambda with templated std::unique_ptr? -0.02
list of base class pointers, get different return values for functi... +2.41
Should C++ attribute names be wrapped in double-underscores? +3.25
Why can't I initialize a static class member in a common header... +2.40
Building a CUDA program with CMake: undefined reference to __cudaRe... 0.00
Reading a video on GPU using C++ and CUDA -0.49
Why does std::sort not working with my comp function? +1.65
How to Deep Copy Values of Vector Pointer (Not just the pointer)? 0.00
Can I pass NULL to modf/modff? +0.49
std::string s1 {"Modern C++", 3} vs std::string s1 {str, 3} -0.50
How can I associate my NVRTC program source with a file? -2.00
How can I associate my NVRTC program source with a file? +2.00
Weird values in free() function C 0.00
How to declare a git branch as merged without adopting the changes... -0.05
How to get ASCII code for characters from a text file? -0.83
What is the best way to declare and initialize a 2D array dynamical... +0.38
Is there any date-time module in c++ 0.00
Why is there no warning or error when initializing a const pointer... +0.49
Why can't I use istream_view and std::accumulate to sum up my i... -0.71
What is an istream_view and when do I use one? 0.00
Troubleshooting a nested FOR loop that increments two variables +0.48
How to find remaining cooldown time with std::chrono? +0.00
Why does this program loop forever? 0.00
Why are move contructors implicitly deleted for my class? -0.34
C++ value as map: Value is not updating in second map 0.00
How can a class be made (partial) owner of a pointer given a functi... -1.54
Why can't I print an vector's begin() iterator? 0.00
Are there completely-generic objects in C++ like in JavaScript? +0.51
How can i store strings from txt.file to struct in C? 0.00
Access function from another class without having any relations +0.51
Access to model variables 0.00
Raising a Matrix to the nth power in C 0.00
Why do I need to press Enter twice after getline()? -0.16
Why can't I pass a constexpr function to std::cout? +2.18
What is the time complexity of this code Union Of two Arrays using... 0.00
Why the compiler cannot deduce the template arguments from std::mak... +1.27