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Pete Becker

1471.95 (4,516,747th)
59,790 (1,552nd)
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Title Δ
How does std::vector::reserve actually work? -1.52
Recursive vector return -1.34
Is passing by reference to thread here bad practice? 0.00
Is srand a reliable source of encryption pads? 0.00
While condition: How to allow comparison between non-integer/double... -0.22
My int function that removes the first digit of a number didn't... -0.26
Find the string between two brackets in c ++, omitting the other pa... -1.33
a bug with if and else if statement -0.47
Can a function parameter hide another functions identifier? -0.47
Calling std::condition_variable::notify_one() multiple times before... -0.47
How does std::cout convert numerical types to base 10? -1.73
Why incomplete type (forward declared) size calculation cannot be p... -1.48
Why do the constructor of the derived classes want to initialize th... -1.79
Does C++ accept inline virtual function while performing polymorphi... +2.98
Does C++ for Arduino follow the standard? +0.51
C++ order of operation during multiplication +0.05
Resolve ambigus function call when the only difference is a paramet... +1.65
Is using if (0) to skip a case in a switch supposed to work? -1.09
Why short int and int has same size in 32bit architectures? -1.45
How can I simplify my long if else statement -1.12
How can I solve c++ std::rintf issue in gcc 0.00
i have to check if a string is palindrom or not using string iterate -2.06
Reintepret cast and Pointer deletion -1.72
How do i apply lower_bound to a range of unsorted vector elements? -1.19
Error during the usage of of size() function in vectors +0.63
C++: How compiler and linker work when you have same function (stat... 0.00
Why it doesn't work? Simple multithreading example -0.39
C++ Mapping strings to enums - string compare vs. map - performance... 0.00
Solaris' stdlib.h functions implemented by C++ libs? +2.21
Visual C++ doesn't recognize my function as a part of a class -2.17
How to take multiple line string input in C++? -1.01
how the output of cout<<4%-8; is 4? +0.21
How to use instream and ofstream to read and output a text file? 0.00
c++: what is "suitable alignment" to point to an object o... 0.00
Difference in definition of null pointer in C99 and C++03 +3.31
Is there something wrong with my "stoi" function or my co... 0.00
What does this sentence mean in 'Programming: Principles and Pr... +0.14
Is it possible to get both the modulus and quotient of division in... -1.56
Is it ok to keep simple C++ method definitions inside of a header f... -1.22
How to debug and step into custom language sources transpiled to C++? +2.12
fstream in a function +0.01
Why do we need a null terminator in C++ strings? -0.23
How is this C++ expression evaluated? -1.11
Can compilers generate self modifying code? -0.56
Why is accessing the members of a member object not allowed in a ct... -0.61
Avoid copying switch statments -1.14
Are there any mechanisms other than copy elision that can optimize... -0.64
Calling the default constructor on c structs +1.94
string operator + (overloaded) different behavior for char array an... -0.76
Stack combine both pop() and top()? +1.36