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Pete Becker

1486.42 (4,334,759th)
59,790 (1,552nd)
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Title Δ
C++ Mapping strings to enums - string compare vs. map - performance... 0.00
Solaris' stdlib.h functions implemented by C++ libs? 0.00
Visual C++ doesn't recognize my function as a part of a class 0.00
How to take multiple line string input in C++? 0.00
how the output of cout<<4%-8; is 4? 0.00
How to use instream and ofstream to read and output a text file? 0.00
c++: what is "suitable alignment" to point to an object o... 0.00
Difference in definition of null pointer in C99 and C++03 0.00
Is there something wrong with my "stoi" function or my co... 0.00
What does this sentence mean in 'Programming: Principles and Pr... 0.00
Is it possible to get both the modulus and quotient of division in... 0.00
Is it ok to keep simple C++ method definitions inside of a header f... 0.00
How to debug and step into custom language sources transpiled to C++? 0.00
fstream in a function 0.00
Why do we need a null terminator in C++ strings? 0.00
How is this C++ expression evaluated? 0.00
Can compilers generate self modifying code? 0.00
Why is accessing the members of a member object not allowed in a ct... 0.00
Avoid copying switch statments 0.00
Are there any mechanisms other than copy elision that can optimize... 0.00
Calling the default constructor on c structs 0.00
string operator + (overloaded) different behavior for char array an... 0.00
Stack combine both pop() and top()? 0.00
Extracting a specific thing from a string 0.00
Why alias a template parameter in C++ standard containers? 0.00
How to use do while loop in exception handling's try block 0.00
I have issues concatenating these strings 0.00
C++ giving output that's off by one 0.00
threading, if-else statement, both are wrong after context switch,... 0.00
Why should I use std::cerr instead of std::cout in exception Handli... 0.00
Deducing return type of std::vector::back() -0.95
How to access a vector securely on C++? -1.49
Is there a way to catch the exception of an STL function not being... -1.47
I am getting this strange compilation error in C++ 0.00
Defining a variable in a header file doesn't give an error 0.00
Exactly how to interpret the string filled in by std::getline(strea... +0.41
do I have to call get or wait on a std::async future -0.96
Why are extern templates on standard library classes not allowed fo... +0.01
"delete this" in destructor -0.46
Should I catch exceptions without meaningful recovery? -1.93
When exception class in c++ initialized? -0.08
Negative zero int -1.70
inheriting default constructor, a contradiction? -1.70
operator << operloaded API for std::endl? 0.00
How do we use nested if else with #define preprocessor -0.35
Is there Multiple inheritance in Virtual inheritance? 0.00
What is the difference between these two C++ statements to concaten... +0.21
Live on heap or stack when use new operator within a function block? 0.00
C++ delete pointer allocated twice -1.33
C++ Integer Followed by char gets accepted as an input -0.50