An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.78 (126,614th)
19,510 (7,022nd)
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Title Δ
Should .csproj files be added to .gitignore? +1.85
anything like pointers in c#? +0.59
card game - what to put between the square brackets [ ]? 0.00
Stack manipulation in .net 0.00
Proper REST response for current user when no user is logged in -0.51
Switching branch, currently stuck in "detached HEAD state"... 0.00
What's best practice for comparing function return to a simple... -1.31
Alternative to JsonSerializer.SerializeToUtf8Bytes in .NET Standard -0.56
Receive multipart response and treat each part as soon as received 0.00
Dotnet for Linux: Console Input Cursor Navigation 0.00
Encrypt specific fields in mode in core before saving the m... 0.00
Accessing the permissions of a file: st_mode an alternative of acce... -1.29
Using the specific timezone instead of the server timezone 0.00
Confusing on output result +1.26
Cannot Deserialize Non-Ascii in Json String 0.00
How can I save 3D array as a text file? 0.00
a C Program to create two variables with 10 and 20 and print their... -0.04
Dependency injection not working properly for my ASP.NET Core MVVM... -0.17
How to free memory from another file? 0.00
Why object's value changes even though it has different referen... -1.20
How to handle special characters in command line arguments for a sh... 0.00
Does iOS state preservation/restoration survive app uninstall and r... -0.50
can`t encode or decode to see "ç" on my string 0.00
How to check if new line is empty in richtextbox -0.98
Visual Studio 2019 event handling issue 0.00
Reading a line from a file using perl +0.07
How to extend this regex to match alternatives with grouping? 0.00
converting a char number into an int c 0.00
C# Run command in CMD 0.00
How to stop senseless merge conflicts in Git when branching off of... -0.65
How can I combine Windows paths and wildcards? 0.00
Found a specific stash how do I show it? -1.66
Handle index position in Python script to delete json objects from... +0.89
C# Keyword 'this' is not available in the current context -0.45
Is there any way to prevent committing to a local git branch? 0.00
C# String "pattern" in variable -2.07
Visual Studio C#: dotnet run Couldn't find project to run -0.26 vs 0.00
How to keep commit hashs not change when use git filter-repo rewrit... +0.48
How to sync forked repo with commits in the Pull Request on github? 0.00
Objective-C: can initialize one class but not the other 0.00
Can I create a Hashcode without zeros or letter 'O'? 0.00
No console application on Linux 0.00
GIT show a lot of modified files after running chmod commands 0.00
Check if string is a valid file name and path without Regx in angul... 0.00
Remove unwanted unicode characters from string +0.99
Fixing a messed up rebase merge commit 0.00
Git - Reset origin/master 0.00
Swift: UIViewController instance not receiving updates from URLSess... 0.00
NullReferenceException when using custom get/set 0.00