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Karol Dowbecki

1608.55 (1,450th)
27,250 (4,636th)
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Title Δ
Gson throwing an error when using a hashmap 0.00
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.springframework.util.StringUtils.m... 0.00
Any idea why `ichoice` can't be resolved to a variable? 0.00
Sort an ArrayList by subclasses in Java 0.00
Java not running on Windows server 2019 0.00
Java - Checking for duplicates in arrayList and stop user from addi... +0.35
How to set Spring boot with data JPA transactional in milliseconds 0.00
How to implement auto-increment field other than id field? +1.81
Is there an isBlank() like utility for char array to be used for st... 0.00
OOM when reading data from mybatis 0.00
Fast way to sort a list of enum with values +0.92
Lamda for checking NaN value while passing variable in a function -1.86
JSP Spring Boot works when running from IntelliJ, but empty page wh... 0.00
How write path to file properties? 0.00
Jackson jar conflict with JBoss 7.2 module spring boot war deployment 0.00
How do i access -D parameter from Spring Java Config? -0.37
Jackson version with Maven in SpringBoot 2.3 -0.45
Creating PublicKey from 512 bits string 0.00
Runtime.freeMemory() and company or early allocation to prevent lat... -0.70
How to update Spring Boot version using a command line 0.00
Java 8 optional .map().orElse always returns orElse +0.35
Kotlin java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: <init>() +0.35
Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPoin... 0.00
Apache Repo Server alternative 0.00
Uniqueness of hashcode for Java's HashSet<Double> and its... +0.35
How to set static variable on object before all junits 0.00
Environment variable in spring boot application.yml 0.00
Decompress large binary files 0.00
How does thread synchronization work in Kotlin? -0.52
Java Stream groupingBy csv without writing a class for saving rows -0.44
Jar that read file 0.00
Securing app with Spring Security doesn't work 0.00
What's the point of the use function in Kotlin -0.67
JVM heap usage variation. Is this graph normal? 0.00
Appending SQL data into datatables using JAVA in JSP -0.65
Difference between Drools engine and Database -2.44
Base64 value causing StringBuilder.append out of memory error in SA... 0.00
Why do i get for an Integer.parseInt(String) an numberformatexcepti... 0.00
How to create common gradle project used by other projects +0.30
How to add audit row to audit table using spring data jpa 0.00
select the first record using @query in jpa 0.00
Using Maven dynamic versioning to release a library 0.00
Memory regions of Java program? +0.65
Will Oracle9iDialect used for oracle 12C? 0.00
java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError while starting a Spring Boot... 0.00
Why variable of long type is giving different answer after casting... +2.51
Is there an kotlin equivalent of ?: java operator? +0.35
Problem finding duplicate numbers in array, is my technique bad? -0.29
Native Java method to prepend a LinkedList to another? 0.00
Get track by its unique ID to remove it 0.00