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1614.73 (1,231st)
50,708 (1,963rd)
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Title Δ
Scala: why can't I create anonymous class from compound type me... 0.00
Scala compiler plugin to rewrite method calls 0.00
Pinning list elements to position in a merged list in Scala -1.61
presentation compiler: type completion in method call with more tha... 0.00
SBT Scala project de-sugared +1.20
Tuple 3 on implicit toJson function not compiling in Scala / Playfr... 0.00
How can I get the value of a SettingKey like baseDirectory in a fun... 0.00
Cannot override a type with non-volatile upper bound +0.34
Getting type information inside scala repl via IMain -2.00
Getting type information inside scala repl via IMain +2.00
Documenting Scala 2.10 macros 0.00
global, default implicits in scalaz (scalaz7) 0.00
Ostensible inconsistencies in singleton types +0.37
Scalaz 7 - why using type alias results in ambigous typeclass resol... 0.00
Java <-> Scala Collection conversions, Scala 2.10 0.00
Macros: path dependent type inference confusion 0.00
Why do String literals conform to Scala Singleton +0.89
Compiling Java annotations with sbt -2.05
What limits does scala place on the "acceptable complexity&quo... 0.00
What is the easiest way to update an immutable AST? +0.16
Extending Inner class +0.34
Implicit resolution in scala 2.10.x. what's going on? 0.00
toArray in Scala 2.10 Milestone 0.00
Intellij idea cannot resolve dollar containing classes +0.34
Scala: Ignore case class field for equals/hascode? +1.03
how do you get sbt web plugin to work with a .scala config 0.00
How to examine implicit/rich conversions and implemented traits in... 0.00
Scala Presentation Compiler and IntelliJ 0.00
When exactly is the head of a Stream evaluated? -0.68
Explain Traverse[List] implementation in scalaz-seven -1.49
Remove null entries from the list with the minimum cost +1.15
How to measure time of a statement in scala console? +0.34
Is there a coding standards enforcement tool for Scala? -0.19
settings.maxPrintString for Scala 2.9 REPL 0.00
Step-by-step connection between a Scala high-order function to prov... +0.27
Can all usages of `forSome` be replaced by an equivalent usage of `... -0.50
The tilde operator in Scala +1.99
scala generics and console auto complete 0.00
How to set up an IntelliJ Idea Scala project to recognize local Ivy... 0.00
Is there any community effort towards scala googleprotobuf "bi... 0.00
SBT can't find in repository even though the file clearly is there 0.00
Semantics of abstract traits in Scala +1.81
How to use SBT with multiple sub project web applications? 0.00
How to prevent this kind of bug - pattern matching and Nil -0.13
What does the keyword 'implicit' mean when it's placed in front of... 0.00
Change war file name in sbt 11.2 0.00
Sbt tasks with dependencies 0.00
xsbt-web: after start the container, I cannot access the webpage 0.00
Functional computation of list-values 0.00
Pattern matching vs if-else -2.25