An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1555.31 (6,168th)
1,831 (90,341st)
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Title Δ
How do I capture a substring in a Visual Studio find and replace? 0.00
Start Node Js Server Automatically on Pc Start Up +3.41
Why won't my Handlebar lib load? - Requirejs 0.00
Update backbone View 0.00
How can I find out what caused a paint event in Chrome's timeline f... 0.00
Create a collection from a call to an API with JSONP 0.00
Backbonejs - Trigger a route event without changing the URL +3.42
Declaring a backbone model with defaults relative to other fields -0.28
Benefits of using jQuery (or underscore) with a script-loader +3.41
Should I avoid creating this JavaScript closure? -2.44
jQuery form reset button for all entered values +1.23
how to append a list of tag for a given object +4.06
how to create a list of span for a given array +4.33
event.keycode vs event.which 0.00
Java Regex to find a string which starts with SDPCDR_ +3.67
jquery .append function order issue -1.10
val.replace(/[^a-zA-Z_-0-9]/g, '') produce SyntaxError: invalid ran... +2.53
Enabling / Disabling checkboxes on single checkbox click using JQuery +3.57
Javascript JSON stringify No Numeric Index to include in Data +2.61
IPAddress or CIDR block matching regex +3.57
javascript regexp for validating url without http in the beginning 0.00
jQuery: How to highlight text within an input box? +0.04
Difference between jquery selectors +3.68
Create One String from All element use Jquery +3.64
.Net Reg Ex exact match +4.22
Javascript function that gets a string with URLs -3.29
How to bind the same handler to multiple events with jQuery -1.45
jQuery remove class on 2nd click and disable hover on 2nd click -4.00
How to write a Regex pattern for the following string? -1.56
Concatenate strings into an array in javascript 0.00
How to make regex not to match the sequence of text, dot, text, but... +3.70
slide down and delay in jquery +0.05
Regex to check for new line -3.99
div onclick breaks child radio checked behaviour -3.89
How to create an AJAX request using jQuery +4.56
Window scroll, if-statements and animate not working correctly -0.22
How to allow/test only numbers in text field using jQuery? +3.78
How to match a one of a set of numbers? +0.04
Modifying .hover() after using .addClass() on the same element +5.18
Ajax textarea save error +0.10
How do I detect when the user is actively scrolling? 0.00
Checking value in textbox against an array script not working 0.00
Dynamic number in JQuery -3.52
Detect url in textarea with JS or Jquery +3.96
Regex for old type of comment -1.45
JQUERY / JAVASCRIPT - Need to get value from <Select> on jque... +3.28
Stopping an animation then restarting it +1.92
How to Convert selected date to standard date after selection in Jq... -0.40
Image title appears in separate div on hover 0.00
jQuery ajax request error callback +1.90