An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Derek W

1496.89 (3,999,810th)
7,350 (21,712th)
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Title Δ
GZip Magic Number Missing After AES Encryption 0.00
Multiple parallel calls to WCF Service takes longer than single call 0.00
Getting repeated timeout when calling stream-based web service 0.00
WCF channel Factory caching 0.00
Security exception when wcf service server and client certificate i... 0.00
IIS: WCF service with https and GET -> HTTP 400 Error 0.00
One WCF service on two addresses 0.00
Request file access permission +0.26
WCF InstanceContext Usage 0.00
Disable certificate authentication 0.00
WCF request response lifecycle 0.00
WebChannelFactory calling WCF method configured with WebInvoke Meth... 0.00
Disable certification validation on client side of wcf +0.14
How to enable HTTPS on WCF RESTful Service? +0.50
android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: near "where": sy... -0.74
WCF WebInvoke POST message body 0.00
WCF database connection: only one database connection +0.48
WCF multiple binding - Error: There was no endpoint listening 0.00
WCF Security: Difference between TransportWithMessageCredential and... 0.00
Problems with preparing Json string to pass in WCF service. 0.00
WCF issue with using IsOneWay attribute 0.00
Uploading files above 50KB via WCF service fails 0.00
how to display only date from DateTime +0.12
Wrapping dto inside a business object - a good idea? 0.00
Versioning: Possible to remove list elements in WCF DataContract se... 0.00
C# wcf - (413) Request Entity Too Large 0.00
Encrypt WCF messages without authentication from the client 0.00
By using Xamarin Android get DataTable from WCF service (server) wi... 0.00
.NET Web Service Client Calls performance issue -0.54
.NET Web Service Using WEB CONFIG Settings Hard Coded Net TCP 0.00
WCF Custom Class Arguments +0.01
Streaming jpegs via a web service 0.00
how to make wcf service listen for soap 1.1 and soap 1.2 (in code) 0.00
Instance state not being preserved using InstanceContextMode.PerSes... 0.00
How to configure WCF timeouts? 0.00
Some way to debug WCF method that returns 0.00
WCF Authentication - An error occurred when verifying security for... 0.00
wcf servicecontract attribute how it works internally 0.00
FileSystemWatcher Events Not Firing +1.92
WCF returns xml instead of JSON +0.01
How to send table data to client from WCF sevice -0.03
WCF Client not able to connect on some machines -0.02
WCF DualHTTPBINDING Message security -1.19
Can a WCF REST Service support both Basic and Windows authentication? 0.00
WCF - wsHttpBinding with UserName Autentication and Message - error... 0.00
call mysql stored procedure in c# 0.00
Assign SQL result set to several variables 0.00
How to update label's value in the WindowsForms +0.36
Relationship between the "app.config" and "user.conf... 0.00
Could not find a base address that matches scheme https for the end... 0.00