An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1463.00 (4,399,861st)
5,770 (28,310th)
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Title Δ
String ^ MyString = gcnew String("abcd"); 0.00
Call C# method with string from c++ 0.00
How to detect if my Windows application has ended? -1.96
Does LoadString allocate memory for the string it writes to? 0.00
Call c# class from C++/CLI 0.00
error C2504: 'IDispatchImpl' : base class undefined 0.00
no instance of overloaded function "" matches the argumen... 0.00
2D Camera panning in SharpDX 0.00
Exception when closing a Win32 dialog box in dll (from WPF applicat... 0.00
cannot call member function 'virtual void ThreadBase::doTask()&... 0.00
Can you load a web page in c++, including JS and dynamic html and g... +0.55
Multiple unexplained syntax errors in Visual Studio C++ 0.00
mouse-over to peek a field NEXT TO operator->() in Visual Studio 0.00
MsVc++ weird error: not declared variable 0.00
How Get Start Day of Week? +0.55
operator() overload and c'tor ambiguity in function objects +0.53
Trying to get strings from managed code back to C++ +0.05
VC6 to VS2013 MFC Runtime Error 0.00
How can I generate a GUID for a VS2012/13 project? 0.00
What is C++/CLI required for? -0.51
Unable to register the dll as a COM Component, The module was loade... 0.00
Can't flip bitmap when calling ID2D1DeviceContext::DrawBitmap 0.00
Implicit conversion of constant 0.00
Testing C++ code and IsBadWritePtr +0.60
How does "BeginPaint" function know the update region - w... +0.53
A Few questions about CLI (C++ .NET?) +0.54
Order of execution of message callback function in Visual C++ +0.54
Rationale for protected destructor -0.42
How would one instantiate a class given a ProgID alone in C++? -0.51
How to call dll file created witth c# from c++ project 0.00
how to draw a Direct2D transparent line in C++Builder 0.00
Resizing a DXGI swap chain bound to a Direct2D render target 0.00
static float * myVar initilization +2.49
Advantage of std::wstring over CComBSTR 0.00
C++ Need help converting string to tchar, tried some things from ot... 0.00
How to make the color of the parent and child window same? +0.55
Subclassed form Shown event usage 0.00
Getting Desktop Resolution in MFC C++ 0.00
How to rotate circle in Direct2D in Visual C++ using pressed left m... 0.00
DirectX Font not drawing? +0.60
Virtual function or virtual method, which one is appropriate? 0.00
From native c++ to .NET c++ 0.00
C++ Something that equivalent with System.DateTime.Now.Ticks? +0.06
C++ : Why am i getting Linker errors? -0.00
C++: Implement custom Main function -0.01
Call native method from dll +1.57
Unresolved external symbol C++ - wrong declaration? 0.00
D3DXCreateTextureFromFile just returns a pointer rather than any de... 0.00
Thread function defined in header file is giving type cast errors 0.00
C++ - WINAPI - Possible conflict with std::map? 0.00