An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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The General

1631.10 (829th)
41,418 (2,655th)
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Title Δ
How to count the number of times every character is repeated in a s... 0.00
How to use and if statement in linq Entity framework c# 0.00
Handle IntPtr for Main WPF window is zero 0.00
Find duplicate of words in string in a row 0.00
Find all instances of Type in an object graph 0.00
How to get all string "possibilities" 0.00
How to get the middle characters of string that is a Date and Time? 0.00
How to check accented characters by C# 0.00
C# locating where the * is in a string separated by pipes 0.00
Simple - Array Not Working Inside For Loop - C# 0.00
Is there a more efficient way to generate 40 million alphanumeric u... 0.00
How is {0}, {1}, etc., called in C#? 0.00
C# take x items from list where each one has a unique value for a c... 0.00
Object initialization for master/detail relationship 0.00
Compile error when creating instance of object with generic type in... 0.00
Xamarin Forms - C# - Async and Await Not Working? 0.00
How do I include a variable in the condition of a while loop if the... 0.00
Removing multiple characters from a string in c# using MyString.Rem... 0.00
(process 10072) exited with code 0. Error in my C# simple program 0.00
Reflection to get value of class property in class 0.00
Stream online json information asynchronously 0.00
C# user input choice in 2D array list using while loop 0.00
Creating a generic for-loop that'll print the user input into a... 0.00
How do you select which build target to debug? 0.00
C# Sum Object List on specific property 0.00
C# Collection with class inheritance and generic type inheritance d... 0.00
How To run LINQ queries with Generic type 0.00
what can be done for connection re use? 0.00
How to save program state on program close using aync file operations 0.00
Faster processing of large files 0.00
How to solve problem with functions in API 29? 0.00
Continue try block after catch. Log all exceptions in one try catch 0.00
C# Get Initials of DisplayName 0.00
Will Task.WhenAll() make any difference for the speed of execution? 0.00
How do I take two at a time from a collection 0.00
How do I properly extract a number that starts and ends with the sa... 0.00
Making generic function async fails on type conversion due to using... 0.00
Setup File or Program Install at user define path while installation 0.00
Implicit static constructor called before Main() 0.00
Is there a way to do the action in a for loop after a certain perio... 0.00
Merge Sort Implementation in C# - StackOverflow Exception 0.00
Parallel ForEach using a ConcurrentBag not working as expected 0.00
What is the fastest way to modify pixels in C# 0.00
How to sort jagged array from an array? 0.00
Async await throws an error I don't understand how to fix? 0.00
Is "readonly" meaningful on a getter-only ref struct prop... 0.00
I need to assign string to array columns after split method c# 0.00
Clear all elements from multiple list 0.00
Find all instances of a search term not following by a set of chara... 0.00
Regex to extract data between 3 - 8 digit number and 3 letter text(... 0.00