An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1572.92 (3,574th)
11,031 (13,550th)
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Title Δ
IllegalStateException on Cursor +0.40
My ListView is not showing my data but showing my package name +0.37
How to save user values without logging in and then add data fields... 0.00
Creating a circle with 4 segments using canvas in android with rota... 0.00
Efficient Android resource override for regional users 0.00
Unable to create a file in external storage USB? +1.46
How to cache all images without displaying them with fresco? 0.00
How can i pass a variable from my adapter to a fragment i instantia... 0.00
How to detect volume up and down long pressed together? +0.43
Glide not fetching latest photo from firebase storage when offline 0.00
How to Convert or Turn an Activity to Homescreen Widget? 0.00
Calculate average speed from array of Coordinates -0.61
Android Number Scanner 0.00
android: I want to retrieve an image from firebase and show it in a... -0.11
Unable to set text in fragment -0.10
Leanback focus problems -0.10
AsyncHttpClient: can not resolve patch android 0.00
Reading file using Cordova File Plugin 0.00
How do I avoid memory leaks from array list event listeners? +0.41
System.currentTimeMillis() returns incorrect timestamp on Huawei -0.59
NullException is occurred in DbHelper 0.00
Add images in random positions inside a relative layout at run time 0.00
Formatting time elapsed with locale on Android -0.08
Jackson fails to serialize Joda DateTimeFormatter 0.00
mkdir() works while inside internal flash storage, but not SD card? -0.10
Convert java.sql.Date to java.sql.Timestamp 0.00
mercurial hg clone a repo from a server connected through another s... 0.00
OS X cannot detach volume, hdiutil error 0.00
Rename war generated using AWS cli for beanstalk deployemnt 0.00
Storing SQL query output in an Array 0.00
JAAS automatic login without showing a login page/form -0.30
Login to webapp2 from webapp1 using JAAS +1.50
No error, but data doesn't get inserted into table -0.08
How to use Jekyll and Github Pages to build personal website 0.00
Clone and set local repository config in one command 0.00
git, do not commit so easily after merge -1.37
How to merge a git repository with submodules into another with sub... 0.00
getting a multi decimal number from a string -0.66
Teamcity Time Out or Unrecognized URL connecting to VSO 0.00
How to clean git history? +0.96
Equivalent to map (from haskell) in Java 7 -1.55
Java Socket ] instance of DataInputStream is print continue null 0.00
git checkout |TUTORIAL_JAVA_VERSION| +0.39
Eclipse freezes UI on Ubuntu -0.00
How do you get a Git merge to ignore conflicts in selected files? -0.10
Invalid JAVA_HOME when build with cordova +0.22
How to read from a text file, which is simulatenously getting writt... +0.40
Equivalent to git merge origin/master in libgit2 0.00
java file copying excluding the already copied files 0.00
Is copying a file byte for byte using Java equivalent to copying th... -0.08