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1442.96 (4,407,129th)
815 (181,566th)
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Title Δ
A cast should not be performed between a pointer type and an integr... -3.10
static inline function in header file and misra c rule 8.5 problem -1.09
Polyspace alerts for not forward declaring main() -2.88
MISRA compatible alternatives to sprintf? 0.00
Why MISRA-C disallow implicitly widening a type in some circumstanc... 0.00
Is Misra-C compatible with X-macros? -2.88
Safe assign of values to bitfield in C -2.98
How can I correct this code so that it gives the expected result -3.36
Is it possible to disable MISRA checks of external libraries? -3.61
Is this piece of code MISRA C compliant? +4.32
inline vs static inline c +0.19
Why does value change when converting floating point value to int 0.00
MISRA 2012 Rule 14.2 -3.08
C/C++ default value/value assigned to variable is never used -0.66
MISRA 20.2 Violation misunderstanding -3.61
Do BLAS and LAPACK libraries comply with MISRA standard? -3.10
How to have a typedef for float that is C90 and MISRA C2012 complia... 0.00
MISRA 11.3: cast from int to pointer -3.22
MISRA 2004 rule 8.3: Clarification -3.14
MISRA 5.2 rule : confusion -3.48
MISRA C 2012 Rule 16.1 All switch statements should be well formed -0.39
Alternative to printf with limited number of arguments? -3.17
Am I allowed to choose to disable these two MISRA rules: one statem... -1.49
Initialize an array's pointed address on creation in C -3.16
Both sides have side effects? -3.56
Selecting Guidelines : MISRA 1998 or MISRA 2004 or MISRA 2012? -3.61
Does size_t foo = 0; need a cast? 0.00
Passing buffers in C with MISRA compliance -4.32
Why does MISRA C state that a copy of pointers can cause a memory e... +1.01
MISRA ERROR: field type should be int, unsigned int or signed int -3.94
why pointer variable not showing 100 digits? +2.52
Reading a value from raw memory (MISRA compliant) -1.53
Could #include *not* be followed by <filename> or "filen... +0.86
Data structure: Circular Queue (in C) 0.00
Does nested switch case comply to the MISRA C++ 2008 rules? 0.00
C code formatting 0.00
Can one person hold "Project manager" and "Software... 0.00
Implementing permanent ban into a mysql database where ban time is... -3.82
MISRA equivalent for medical industry? +3.88
Redirecting pages via .htaccess from .php to Wordpress extension 0.00
Excel data file for menu program 0.00
Convert integer from (pure) binary to BCD +0.04
getting warning "assignment makes integer from pointer without... +3.87
C const return type function +0.61
Size of Pointers in dos base systems -4.17
Incompatible types when assigning to type 'struct compartido' +2.49
C -- Structs and Pointers Basic Questions +1.67
exit from a child process (c) +0.25
Simple algorithm for reliable communications +0.05
Simple algorithm for reliable communications +0.05