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Drew Dormann

1613.72 (1,213th)
42,393 (2,563rd)
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Title Δ
virtual destructor for pure abstract class -1.46
Best way to find common items between two arrays 0.00
Copy std::map into std::vector of pairs -0.52
How to get the raw pointer of a shared_ptr in C++17? 0.00
Sorting a Vector of a custom class with std::sort() causes a segmen... 0.00
Is it possible to specify return types from bitwise manipulation? -1.44
Is it useful to pass std::weak_ptr to functions? +1.70
Why does creating an instance of a friend class cause "undefin... +0.33
Using decltype in partial template specialization 0.00
Palindrome recursive version -2.62
Unidentifiable Class Function Copy 0.00
Memory barrier scope 0.00
Find first value not in std::set<int> min-max +1.03
Do member variables die off before the destructor is called? -2.18
How to cast const uint8_t* to char* +2.03
Accessing std::variant using std::get<index> +1.97
How to tell if program was compiled with segmented stacks 0.00
Is reinterpret_cast<> safe or undefined on sse/avx types? -2.47
Fastest way to check if array is equal to? -1.11
runtime error: addition of unsigned offset to 0x129000a0 overflowed... 0.00
C++ parameter pack expansion -1.68
Eigen map from 2d array 0.00
Why can i not access these Values outside of this for-loop? 0.00
Double free of child object after using the copy constructor -2.45
How to enforce const-correctness regarding pointer data-members +0.27
what's the use of '(void)' in code line 1? +0.33
Difference between std::string [] operator and at() 0.00
Who is responsible for freeing resource moved by std::move? +0.20
Error with Multiple Definitions in implementation file when includi... 0.00
What does the letter ā€˜fā€™ stand for in printf(), scanf() and ā€˜gā€™ in... 0.00
C++17 inline variable vs inline static variable -0.68
Using enum in namespace 0.00
How can I write to a file one byte at a time from int? C++ +0.33
unable to access the static variable 0.00
Overloaded operators not recognized. Error 2 0.00
How would I continue a "for loop" of 1 to 360 in this sce... +0.74
How can I solve this error of cpp file +0.98
Read large csv file into array c++ 0.00
C++ parameter about Tu and Tv in D3DLVERTEX 0.00
C++ std:: and include how they fit together? -0.72
C++ - *(int**) address? What happens here? 0.00
Corrupted message in custom exception +0.33
C++ Creating a Linked List With More Than 2 Fields per Node 0.00
C++ , class private variables +1.37
Compacting bools feature of std::vector in C++ +0.34
Can you deserialize bytes with memcpy? +1.25
Class has no suitable copy constructor, no binary operator '=&#... +0.34
Is there a reason to used an unsigned type for a non-negative const... +0.70
How to effectively delete beginning and ending elements from a set... -0.68
Pointer size on x86 and weird characters output -0.09