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Drew Dormann

1620.03 (1,104th)
42,393 (2,563rd)
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Title Δ
Why is it Legal to Change a const value using const_cast in C++ -2.25
Weird constructor SFINAE error with std::initializer_list 0.00
Can a thread running memcpy get preempted? 0.00
Is there a way to refer to child classes with the parent classes na... +1.60
About rvalue reference in C++ +1.79
Google Test include gtest/gtest.h 0.00
How pushing back R-value temporary objects to a vector works? -2.19
std::unordered_map<std::string, myCustomClass> what operators... 0.00
Integration of complex numbers using trapezoidal rule in C++ 0.00
I was solving a problem on leetcode. I did the code but I am receiv... 0.00
Complex function integration using trapezoidal rule in C++ +2.00
static constexpr undefined reference error on clang +1.02
Why does my code output me this error of ';' and ','? +1.93
Use of virtual inheritance outside diamond inheritance problem to a... 0.00
print duplicate elements in array +0.34
std::bad_alloc in a c++ vector -0.52
How does the virtual keyword affect memory locations? -1.41
Function may be const or not depending on arguments 0.00
What's up with method(void) in Cpp? +0.33
Make a loop run in background C++ 0.00
Shorter move constructor when class has an atomic member +2.74
Is using an uninitialized unsigned type object Undefined Behavior? +1.49
Can I apply downcast to an iterator? -2.28
C++ Jump to case label error while doing windows.h 0.00
Elegant way to ensure a std::map has a concrete size in compilation... +1.76
How to bind reference to stack allocated class in class constructor? -0.24
read/write to large array using large loop - execution time concerns 0.00
What is the difference between sizeof(*ptr) and sizeof(ptr) in the... +0.31
C++ circular dependency between multiple classes -0.14
Function of .pop() on an empty stack +1.60
How to create an empty std::map object? 0.00
Interaction of C++ lambdas and templates +0.47
Implementing push_back(T&& c) in custom Vector<T> class -1.95
Will std::basic_string destroy null termination every time? 0.00
Initialize multiple constant class members using one function call... +0.34
What is the rationale behind the `std::unique_XXX` naming convention? -0.44
virtual destructor for pure abstract class -1.46
Best way to find common items between two arrays 0.00
Copy std::map into std::vector of pairs -0.52
How to get the raw pointer of a shared_ptr in C++17? 0.00
Sorting a Vector of a custom class with std::sort() causes a segmen... 0.00
Is it possible to specify return types from bitwise manipulation? -1.44
Is it useful to pass std::weak_ptr to functions? +1.70
Why does creating an instance of a friend class cause "undefin... +0.33
Using decltype in partial template specialization 0.00
Palindrome recursive version -2.62
Unidentifiable Class Function Copy 0.00
Memory barrier scope 0.00
Find first value not in std::set<int> min-max +1.03
Do member variables die off before the destructor is called? -2.18