An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1680.72 (238th)
107,794 (649th)
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Title Δ
How to append to [[String : [String]]] = [[:]] instead of [String :... 0.00
Sort an array of type UnitMass 0.00
Check the result of a method of an optional in one step not two +0.26
Can a button have a two segues to two different view controllers /... 0.00
In Swift, how do I explicitly specify a return value for map with a... +1.40
Grouping Elements in Dictionary by The Last Character of The Keys [... -3.10
I got problem doing Selection Sort in Swift 0.00
How do I duplicate the content of a list in swift +0.26
How to call a specific UIButton by tag other than the sender? 0.00
How do I rectify "Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints... 0.00
How to set topAnchor constraint relative to the superview height +0.28
Swift: Merge Array of dictionaries with duplicate key but unique va... +0.76
How can I get the x and y coordinates from UnsafeMutableBufferPointer 0.00
Distinct Pair sum swift 0.00
Swift - does Set(Array) allocate extra space? 0.00
Turn 1d array into 2d array in swift +1.02
swift 5.1 evaluate a closure in the wrong way 0.00
Why Swift protocol conforming values are treated as Value types by... +0.26
place UIView behind UILabel programmatically +0.25
Can You Force a Dictionary To Return a Non Optional Or Assert? -0.25
same subscript code, when building it with two Separate lines it... -1.11
Game of Fifteen (Swift): extra touch to confirm all the buttons are... 0.00
Double to String in swiftUI 0.00
make comparisons between 2 dice toss in an IOS app -0.64
Programmatic auto-layout not calculating height of UIScrollView 0.00
iOS Swift: How to merge two shapes into a solid color shape using U... +0.26
Fibonacci one-liner in Swift -2.08
Using vDSP.convertElements with vDSP.RoundingMode 0.00
create a all but one item loop to apply effects +0.27
Closure forwarding without evaluating 0.00
How to add a character from "endIndex" at every three cha... 0.00
Change value of variable by reference +1.04
no response on stdout HackerRank Swift +0.26
Can't convert view.tag ObjC code to Swift +1.15
Hexadecimal (Long string)l to Binary +1.04
Reset a Swift Array 0.00
In Swift I cant create a negative number in binary 0.00
Change line width with uislider in a subclass value 0.00
color of cgpoint changes all lines and should only change new lines 0.00
change color from CGPoint line in a subclass of uiview 0.00
Is it possible to add some sort of meta-variable in a String format... 0.00
iOS proportional scaling of elements with relative distance to view... 0.00
Swift - add custom color from Storyboard programmatically 0.00
Update property on model if value exists in another model 0.00
Uint8 sequence padding with Swift 0.00
I am developing tetris in SpriteKit and get a strange Error 0.00
How can I prevent or stop dictionary values from being nill? 0.00
Trying to set a wide image in UIScrollview, with a fixed height 0.00
Swift String Range - Is there easier way to define string ranges? -0.54
Replace NSNull Values in Array of Dictionary with empty string 0.00