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1678.81 (249th)
107,794 (679th)
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Title Δ
Swift Initializers 0.00
What's the difference between `default` and `case _` in Swift? 0.00
Nested UIStackViews inside a UIScrollView: Not filling width of con... 0.00
How can I append text from a UITextField to an array? 0.00
How to return one single string from matching dictionary values? -2.48
Swift clousure capture not by reference in for loop? +1.53
Swift unwind issues, view controllers stack not updated 0.00
How do I make scrollView move every time I press a button? 0.00
Force a segue in an unwind 0.00
Rotating a UICollectionView leads to error 0.00
Function inside Function retain cycle -2.72
Add to ContainerViews in a loop 0.00
How can I carry out multiple different animations at different time... 0.00
How To Tell How Many Elements Are In A Swift Stack 0.00
Can I create a reference to a variable in Swift? 0.00
Swift: make rotation of point in 2D +0.27
Explanation of zip, reduce and combine in Swift 0.00
SetNeedsDisplay having no effect 0.00
Can't initialize class with "if" 0.00
Swift 4+ instantiating a class variable that conforms to a protocol 0.00
swift - how to print to console multi line Strings in 2 distinct co... 0.00
ViewController does not display the View 0.00
Fill a polygon using Core Graphics in Swift 0.00
Swift 5: Binary operator '==' cannot be applied to operands... -1.05
How to retrieve the middle value of a node 0.00
setNeedsDisplay() is not calling draw(_ rect: CGRect) +0.27
UIBezierPath Star with rounded corners 0.00
How to remove duplicates from array using only a prefix of the valu... 0.00
Priting each iteration to label 0.00
How to tell user accurate degrees to face north or east? 0.00
Swift: Simple method to replace a single character in a String? +0.22
Change value in class with variable from For loop 0.00
Swift collect class array for value -2.01
How to execute two completion blocks in a single function and pass... 0.00
Print a pattern using recursion in Swift 0.00
how to calculate time between receiving variables in swift +0.24
i get alway an exception INDEX OUT OF RANGE at mat[i][j] = matrix[i... 0.00
Unresolved identifier error in swift function with nested if loop +1.26
How to fix constraints for 4 horizontal label? +0.25
How to unwrap double optionals in switch statement -- Swift +1.29
What does Hash Values for Set Types in swift? 0.00
Select random value from a enum -3.19
Finding all combinations in an array (Swift 5) with enumeration -0.86
Is there a way to chain multiple if-let statements using the same v... -0.23
Create Two dimensional Array of Arrays with two variable types in S... -2.53
How to embed a view controller into a navigation view controller pr... 0.00
Calculator, Percentage button 0.00
merging element of two different arrays into dictionary in swift -0.19
Buttons pressed in a certain order SWIFT +0.25
Completion handler called twice (with threading) +0.24