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1479.70 (4,371,942nd)
472 (281,724th)
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Title Δ
Logstash Oracle Driver issue 0.00
Logback config : pattern for LoggingEventPatternJsonProvider 0.00
JXPath : how to query all keys from a map 0.00
jaxb bindings : package for namespace (scd) not working 0.00
eclipse checkstyle plugin : CustomImportOrder 0.00
Maven Spring Boot Plugin : how to run spring boot from another proj... -3.73
Spring boot : adding XML support -3.85
Maven Plugin Dependency : class not found +3.47
Javascript error in a comment //@Deprecated in IE 0.00
RestEasy 3.0.13 on WebSphere 8.5.5 : Bean Validation Framework vers... +4.28
create entitymanager using jdbc connection +0.27
Wrap XML response with JAXB and Jersey -3.23
How to enable CORS in jersey server on tomcat 0.00
JPA insert parent/child results in MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolatio... -1.77
caching a Rest request 0.00
Writing into ServletContext in Jersey using annotation. 0.00
how to return integer (primitive types) as a response json 0.00
Issue calling Rest API using ClientResponse Jersey 0.00
Hashmap Example in Java using Jersey? +0.18
Why number sign ignore in url? 0.00
Jersey EJB injection +0.11
How to integrate Swagger with Maven + Jersey+ jboss EAP 6.2 0.00
Using @Produces for different methods 0.00
Jersey ResourceConfig.register 0.00
Jersey REST response message body 0.00
How can I retrieve HttpServletRequest data while using Jersey -3.87
jersey cross domain request +0.15
Hibernate/JPA: Check generated sql before updating DB Schema (like... 0.00
JPA2 get column metadata (type, lenth, nullable, etc) 0.00
What options are there to do output validation of Jersey resources? 0.00
Jersey Client, memory leak, static and concurrency -1.14
$modalInstance dialog box closes, but screen remains grayed out and... -2.75
Jersey 2.0 post and parse Jaxb-entity 0.00
How to get generated Identity value from a native JPA INSERT? 0.00
When should an object be used instead of a json object? -4.54
Handling managed Hibernate DAO exceptions in Dropwizard -3.87
How to approach this authentication mechanism in Jersey 0.00
Primefaces datatable rendered 0.00