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1515.27 (42,353rd)
17,540 (7,976th)
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Title Δ
What Cpp compiler allows inline assembler code? +0.16
use of std::function<> in template class +2.15
How to use strategy pattern with additional methods in derived clas... +0.48
Memory leak from lack of free() in this function +1.31
Delete elements conditionally in a Singly Linked List in C++ 0.00
Why continue is different between for loop and while loop? -1.64
Acquiring lock by checking against a condition and rechecking it +0.76
How to output an interger which is calculated to two decimal places? +2.11
Handle non-member function pointer and member function pointer at t... -0.01
Size and resize function of vector container in c++ +0.47
Check all loaded modules if it comes from the OS or if it's aut... 0.00
Why does C++ reject appending a structure to a binary file if it co... -1.12
Reading a fortran generated binary file into a signed integer array... 0.00
C++ Minesweeper infinite loop -0.01
Why can't TBB cast `int` to `const tbb::atomic<unsigned int&... -0.56
Understanding macros in C -0.11
std::priority_queue contain struct with functor -1.23
efficient comparison of list of ints with a given int in C++ +1.94
Iterate over multiple vectors, perform operation after n elements +0.99
Find connected elements from columns in file 0.00
Is there a way to determine if a date/time does not exist? -0.52
Why the memory not freed in top and pmap? +2.37
Is using a non-ptr at std::map's value a good practice +1.96
How to pass an object's address on the heap from a function usi... +1.66
C++: How to find out "unused" classes starting from known... 0.00
Using object members before object is constructed 0.00
C++ List pop and push data race -0.01
How can I recover symbols from a backtrace of a release build? 0.00
_ASSERTE(_BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse)) error +0.47
Store double in void * 0.00
C compare pointers -0.86
Adding 'reference tables' to Doxygen 0.00
Is there any harm having a virtual destructor without a virtual met... +0.22
Weekly group assignment algorithm -0.28
Way to generate a unique number that does not repeat in a reasonabl... +1.32
using multiple keyvalues for std::map C++ -1.25
Application crashes in Visual Studio but only after a breakpoint ha... 0.00
How to prevent specialization of std::vector<bool> -0.91
Rewriting part of a loop with an iterator 0.00
c++ check variable to address out of bounds -2.18
Converting Enterprise Architect (UML) file (and other files) to ima... 0.00
bit reset in a block of memory -0.39
Which bitset implementation should I use for maximum performance? 0.00
Pointer to struct with pointer to array of pointers to structs. Dyn... -1.66
How to check text file original encoding VC++ or MFC +0.44
Chosing right algorithm between O(n) and O(n^2) when constants are... -0.49
Single Executable and different services 0.00
Increased memory usage for a process 0.00
Ways to validate converted code from FORTRAN to C -0.53
Which protected variable used in inheritance? -0.90