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1529.23 (18,505th)
10,335 (14,646th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to create std::any with std::reference_wrapper from... +0.58
Signed overflow in C++ and undefined behaviour (UB) -0.52
Equality operator does not get defined for a custom spaceship opera... -0.86
gcc vs clang: noexcept parsed in unused template specialization whe... +1.74
How to apply mutexes when passing by value? +1.68
How can I use is_invocable() to create a template for overloading &... 0.00
std::initializer_list destructs the containing objects before the s... +2.20
Getting min_element of from a vector of structs based on two variab... +0.51
C++ common way to get overloaded member function pointer +1.03
MSVC 19 deletes inherited constructors +1.26
`enable_if` with `enum` template specialization problem +0.49
How to write constexpr function which operate on forwarded tuple of... +0.48
Why does GCC speak about a dependent base? 0.00
Qt Creator: technical differences between Release and Debug builds 0.00
Forward variadic argument to thread with lambda +0.13
Get first element of std::tuple satisfying trait +1.31
nested templates function taking 2 containers with the same inner t... +0.58
c++ template type deduction fail in cast operator -1.84
c++11 decltype(e) is the type of the entity named by e +0.67
Why must std::sort compare function return false when arguments are... +2.08
Sorting a list with a comparison function that doesn't follow &... +1.20
Cost of a reference to reference static_cast and a pointer to point... +0.48
Elegant way to find keys with given prefix in std::map or elements... -1.69
Matching variadic non-type templates -1.42
Perfect forwarding of variables declared with structured binding -0.85
C++17 separate explicit method template instantiation declaration a... 0.00
What is with this Error? It seems to have no reason for appearing 0.00
var used in its own initializer 0.00
Why is this nested lambda not considered constexpr? -0.01
Qt - How to combine QtConcurrent and QThreadPool for a QProgressBar? 0.00
C++: Unpack a tuple with references and values without copying/movi... -1.13
method existence checker code breaks in vs2015 0.00
this pointer and QSharedPointer 0.00
Issue with enable_if and multiple conditions -0.34
Inline functions - what are they exactly vis-a-vis the inline keywo... +0.41
Referencing a possibly destroyed static object +0.74
The first snippet below compiles, but the second doesn't. Why? +0.47
msvc visual c++ incorrect formation of bound member function expres... 0.00
C2694 on destructor when base class' member's destructor ha... 0.00
why are multiple shared_future objects needed to synchronize data -0.92
Undefined variable and the compiler optimization -1.13
What exactly is a "trailing parameter pack" +2.48
non-static data members and one definition rule +1.81
Equality comparison of pointers to different objects +0.37
Does the C++ standard specify that for some cases the compiling sho... -1.48
C++: Calling a function from derived by a function pointer defined... -0.01
Why does g++ fail init of std::function<> from type with conv... +2.13
why C++11 mark destructors as nothrow, and is it possible to overri... -0.41
Can sizeof be applied inside a lambda on a variable that is not cap... -0.24
Parallell while loops without using threads +1.99