An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1633.63 (776th)
60,511 (1,515th)
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Title Δ
rounding down and rounding up a number in Python 0.00
Python file read() and readline() counter? +0.33
Python loops - turtle object +0.32
Comparing two large lists and fetching the matched results -0.18
Adding values to two lists in the exact same order +1.39
comparing each element in list to 2 elements in another list and ma... -0.59
Filter list of strings 0.00
Python 3.8 : How to split information nicely 0.00
How to find duplicated subsets of several sets? +1.06
find out the number of multiples of K among the given N numbers -0.60
Finding maximum per row when condition is met -0.16
Parse delimited string with escape characters in a robust way -0.92
How to write a function wrong_prime that takes no arguement and sho... 0.00
Stripping similar elements from the beginning of two lists -1.83
Clear mathematical way to cast int value to 0 or 1 +0.20
Randomizing a list of zeros and ones with constraints -0.20
How to generate all possibilities of objects of 2 dimensions +0.30
What is the algorithmic complexity of this solution? 0.00
Multiple reference to same object +0.29
Cleaning Data in Python 0.00
How to bind return key to multiple tkinter checkbuttons 0.00
Accessing nth element from tuples in list, but the length of the tu... -0.83
How To Add Elements To a Dictionary? +0.32
Convert string to few variables with pattern 0.00
Dijkstra's Algorithm Java: Last edge always gets added instead... 0.00
How to increment alphanumeric number in python? +0.80
Closure : a function that returns the value of its previous call +0.78
Infinite loop in a nested while and for loop 0.00
Defining if statement for reading text file to constraint the readi... 0.00
Need help solving Project Euler problem #35 python? 0.00
How do you call a variable inside of an organized set so you can us... +0.33
More than 2 rules for return in def() Python +1.48
Find the longest consective run of given substring Python -0.43
Append each input word position and row values to dictionary using... 0.00
Suggestion for best solution - Python +1.19
How to loop back to beginning of the String? Hyperskill, encryption... 0.00
Tkinter Tic Tac Toe Drawing a shape in a certain box +0.33
How to change a list of lists without copying? +0.29
Split a list into smaller equal-sized lists keeping a "middle... -2.51
How do I exclude capitalizing specific words in a String? +0.58
Python while loop not breaking when condition met -0.67
Is there a way to keep a double digit integer from being split when... -0.58
List not appending properly when passed to function 0.00
list comprehension comparing two different list -1.13
Mapping elements using multi-line functions +1.62
Find words that are evenly short and print them all +1.22
Move a certain number to the front of an array (Java) +1.11
My python code looks up only last value from the loop +0.90
visualize differences in two strings in tkinter -0.18
Fastest way to iterate over a list and see if element exists? -0.69