An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1635.88 (706th)
60,511 (1,525th)
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Title Δ
Add missing values in the list by comparing the other list and vice... 0.00
Alternative for zip in python 3? 0.00
An efficient way to find elements of a list that contain substrings... 0.00
sorting a list of road junctions 0.00
sorting only what's in parentheses in a string 0.00
Efficiently "cancelling out" operations in a list 0.00
How do I not repeat my list comprehension in a lambda 0.00
Generating two different numbers not close to each other in pyhton 0.00
Find missing permutation 0.00
Generate valid words from string 0.00
Why add method concatenate element of arrList? 0.00
How to remove words from list of values in specific dictionary key? 0.00
Create combinations from the list without considering adjacent elem... 0.00
How to check if a string is a substring of another even if not in o... 0.00
RegEx for extracting the first occurrence of domains 0.00
Remove entire line in text file that contain with specific word/str... 0.00
Convert double to string and return it to main 0.00
Put a grid vertical line between columns in the middle of the windo... 0.00
Time complexity of Stringbuilder subSequence method 0.00
Python3 find how many differences are in 2 lists in order to be equal 0.00
How can I compress ASCII art into RLE with run lengh of 2 (or decom... 0.00
Swing GUI freezes while using threads 0.00
Dictionary comprehension to create dictionary of even numbers 0.00
List comprehension returns an empty list 0.00
Find the smallest number that is not in a list of intervals 0.00
In Python, how should I efficiently sort one big file to match comm... 0.00
Function gets inf when not expected 0.00
How can I shorten the massive calls of the same method? 0.00
Divide and conquer recursive solution for making change 0.00
complete list if the first and last element is equal 0.00
Python: Find corresponding elements in a list and sum them up in a... 0.00
Want to identify lines with same value in column 3 and group them o... 0.00
Split returns non-matches 0.00
Multiple For loops, print else only once if condition is not met 0.00
Sort python list by order of another list AND retrieve old index 0.00
instance(object, type) returns True, should it not be False? 0.00
Sort list of coordinates into strips 0.00
Length of dictionaries are not the same 0.00
"NameError: name '' is not defined" when using tw... 0.00
Get file names into list using glob 0.00
Python remove files from folder which are not in list 0.00
How to make conditions within a try/except loop? 0.00
split values in list based on multiple separators python 0.00
If, Elif, Greater than, Less than Logic 0.00
Creating an infinite for loop 0.00
Remove Punctuation, output remaining text-Python 3 Function 0.00
Find min value excluding zero in nested lists 0.00
Comparing two un-ordered lists for differences in individual elements 0.00
Missing letters method with python -0.77
What symbol is to be used for the below pattern to compile 0.00