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1626.67 (902nd)
60,511 (1,515th)
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Title Δ
How do I take UNIQUE random choice from two lists 0.00
dict comprehension with nested loop based on condition 0.00
How remove the intrication between two reversed list in Python? 0.00
Return value from a function in Python 0.00
How to write two else condition in dict comprehension 0.00
how to fix lambda and map functions in my code? 0.00
Space complexity of split() function in python 0.00
I can't find the pyhton code of this problem in the given image? 0.00
Python: Using .isalpha() to count specific words/characters in a wo... -0.30
selecting suitable options from list of strings +1.02
What is the simplest way to capitalize the first word in a sentence... 0.00
Resolving items in list that also are grouped +1.26
How can I group multi-word terms when creating a python wordcloud? 0.00
Unique list of lists +0.56
Python sort list to set -1.69
Code problem - Flatten dictionary using generator 0.00
Return string with character - where the numbers follow each other -0.36
How do return the duplicates in a multi two dimensional list? -1.17
I'm unable to figure out what test cases am I failing here +0.32
Convert some objects in a list into int +0.35
Compare x,y,z coordinates in two files 0.00
Replace elements in list of lists with defined value - Python -1.46
Using a list comprehension for returning first found element or None 0.00
Arbitrary depth nested loop +1.57
Remove "None" from iteration in a dictionary -0.94
Group a list of tuples on two values, and return a list of all the... +0.64
How to sum numbers between two boundaries using biginteger +1.40
How to write a function that transforms a triple ['a','... -1.14
Unable to print out the desired output 0.00
How to only read words within brackets/ parentheses (in .txt file)... +0.32
Python function to add numbers from string 0.00
how to interpret string using regular expression? +0.73
Longest common substring via suffix array: uses of sentinel 0.00
Improve regex that works 0.00
How do i apply a ljust() transformation to every element of a strin... +0.84
Python another nested lists 0.00
How to add elements in string +0.32
Java 8 Stream: average and count at once -1.28
How to convert nested json to csv or excel? 0.00
python get indexes of where number starts and ends in a list +0.32
How to create a dictionary of items in a specific format? -1.06
almost same code, cant figure it out any difference 0.00
How to compare nesting structures? +1.53
Sum of range(1,n,2) values using recursion +1.54
isnt this the opposite of how a decorator works? 0.00
Truth table list 0.00
Add 2 list of lists with different lengths +1.00
Finding a key-value pair present only in the first dictionary +0.54
Length of elements of a list in right format -0.83
Logical Indexing with Python's map -0.64