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Chris Dodd

1546.42 (8,907th)
85,272 (944th)
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Title Δ
Different assigning methods of char arrays 0.00
Can someone explain to me what stty does? 0.00
How to get raw bytes written to ostream by an external library with... 0.00
Matching the intel codes to disassembly output 0.00
unable to print in protected mode 0.00
where are the memory segments stored in x86 assembly 0.00
Why is this C function pointer defined in the stack not valid when... 0.00
How to do basic parameter passing in gdb 0.00
How to access containing structure from a member in C? 0.00
Memory allocation in C malloc() 0.00
Syntax of indexed addressing (and the often leading comma) 0.00
What's the problem here causing "Invalid memory reference... 0.00
How to properly escape # character in a makefile? 0.00
Why 1*2+3 is parsed as 1*(2+3) even though operator precedence or a... 0.00
Producing a small working example of a parser generator without rel... 0.00
14-Complement Multiplication between 9820 and 4823 0.00
Bitwise operations for comparing numbers? 0.00
Does function pointer need parethesis in c? 0.00
Modifying gcc compilation to improve embedded Flash size 0.00
Cursor remains at the end when I try to give user input in getline 0.00
What does this bitwise expression do, and can it be reversed given... 0.00
how to interpret "shift/reduce" conflicts in bison 0.00
C language, why do we use envp[i] != 0 but not '\0'; 0.00
Is there a contradiction about the definition of full-expression 0.00
C++ atomic CAS(compare-and-swap) operation does not change value 0.00
ret2libc segfault at address 0x0000000000000000 0.00
A way around computing the size of different arrays passed to the f... -1.38
C macro that detects empty argument and then uses default case -0.22
How do I block other processes, but still be able to use a Function... 0.00
C preprocessor macro expanding itself +0.21
git reorder commits in branch "in place" without rebasing -1.82
Yacc conflict i cant fix 0.00
How to convert a float into uint8_t? +0.29
Convert This NFA to DFA 0.00
Complete and user-friendly documentation of mmap 0.00
Iterate a long integer and then append number to an array in C -0.08
ubuntu how to bulk rename files 0.00
How to introduce a Regular Expression abbreviation into a Regular E... 0.00
read() is exiting the program when nothing to read 0.00
C++: pass shared ptr by reference without breaking the sharing? -0.80
C++ unordered_map default allocator +0.39
what is the meaning of more than one ELF program headers 0.00
Assigning string in SHM segment breaks the whole structure 0.00
gcc error for x86_64 assembler (opcode 0x83 cmp m64/imm8) 0.00
Copy and move's command effect on inode +0.09
comparison between nullptr and boolean +2.37
Why might a string literal not be a string? +1.77
Accidently deleted all enviromnent variables on my linux machine 0.00
Bison parser always prints "syntax error" 0.00
C convert integer (from macro) to string at compile time 0.00