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Chris Dodd

1554.04 (6,857th)
85,272 (944th)
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Title Δ
C++ + linux handle SIGPIPE signal 0.00
Bison if statements - setting symbol table prior to parsing block s... 0.00
Why mi code compiles ok in SSE2 but not in ARM(no NEON)? -2.25
Why does using placement new on reference types give me a segmentat... -1.07
Why does `stty cols 40` have different effects in the two shells ba... 0.00
Is the time.h library in c cpu intensive? 0.00
Is non-blocking socket really non-blocking when used with blocking... -1.27
How can I add a new line at the end of the output? (Linux help) +0.18
Is there a way to mark a git commit to prevent pushing (even across... +1.87
to get the real type information of a pointer in c++ +1.77
Will malloc round up to the nearest page size? +0.50
array giving random numbers at the end of array[7] 0.00
`realloc(): invalid next size` while trying to handle input of unkn... +0.39
Is providing the ability to violate "shall" requirement w... -1.42
C ncurses: outline multiple characters at once 0.00
why my lexical analyzer can not recognize numbers and ids and opera... +0.60
How to input numbers into a vector until I press enter -0.12
What does datablock in fat means +0.41
Efficiently (time-wise) conversion of an array of double to a bitse... 0.00
How to automatically stop a program.c and input a command in Linux? +0.42
do while works one step slower 0.00
How to stop listening and recv data from only one user and start li... +0.90
How to delete spaces in matrix? 0.00
Returning multiple minimax values [score, x, y] using structs in C 0.00
function in c referencing memory externally allocated +0.13
Shell Pipeline C++ not ending command 0.00
Display struct variable with printf("\n") 0.00
C++ - Why isn't this structure of diamond inheritance cause an... 0.00
GCC and Clang perform extremely slow on mod of power of 2 operation 0.00
Use function pointer with void in C -0.09
scanf in assembly x64_86 scan different value than expected 0.00
What is an encoding error for sprintf that should return -1? -1.78
mmap() in Linux - a part of the file vs the whole file 0.00
Using C++, trying to find the largest word in a vector using a for-... +0.42
How to use Unicode in C++ Setfill() +0.42
Usage of scanf for strings in C -1.31
allocating memory to a function pointer -0.62
Troubles using Bison's recursive rules, and storing values usin... 0.00
What happens when a process tries to read more bytes than the one t... -0.08
Cannot get LL(1) form of grammar for recursive descent parser 0.00
Why the strtok function ignores two tokens one after the other -2.54
What are these text formatting marks and how can I intentionally in... 0.00
Token with several types in Bison +2.61
Why is the overloaded function not called? 0.00
How can I change the foreground color in Assembly? -1.88
Implementation of a context-free grammar for logical operators with... 0.00
How to use struct array in a function as a parameter in C? 0.00
allocation on the heap of 3d arrays in c++ +2.32
can we use Nasm for compiling 8086 microprocessor code? 0.00
Unable to create directory in /usr/share 0.00