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Athanasios Kataras

1507.92 (93,907th)
1,672 (98,765th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use a .Net5 (core) library from a .Net Framework... 0.00
Converting string to int and then back to string +1.82
Cannot change textbox in wpf c# form from another class 0.00
How do I get YoutubeVideo metadata with C# 0.00
Winform: allow user to change colors of the app dynamically 0.00
Why does accessing my classes field return null? 0.00
.Net Core dependency injection: Get implementationtype(s) for servi... -1.87
CheckBox not Working from inside a Repeater in ASP.NET Webforms 0.00
Custom where clause extension with default values EF Core 5.0.3 0.00
What's the benefit of a property with readonly getter? -1.13
Confused about running async methods in the background 0.00
c# unity pause a for loop untill bool returns true 0.00
Remove Headers Added By WebServer (nginx) In Aspcore Application -0.01
How to call "dotnet new" in C# 0.00
C#: How to show a newline within a MessageBox +0.99
C# console app save last runtime before closing +0.49
Exception Handling, C# 0.00
using c# for mobile game development +0.49
More efficient? Read from app.config or store once in global variab... 0.00
XmlException: Root element is missing in ASP .NET Core -0.01
Doing a sum of a column but keep getting timeout LINQ +0.48
My service that I injected with DI has many methods. Is there a way... 0.00
Why can't you convert Console.ReadLine to int trough Convert.To... 0.00
C# Lambda syntax ToListAsync in VSCode 0.00
Maximum amount of projects in visual studio 2019 solution 0.00
Switch Statement contains multiple cases with same label value, exc... -1.44
Inheriting fields from a base class C# 0.00
How to "connect" a SQLite DB to gridview? 0.00
Connection is not closed properly ASP.NET C# 0.00
Storing user data in session store or retrieving from database in e... 0.00
DataType property mismatch 0.00
Why doesn't the "Yes" method run? +0.39
c# passing class type member as parameter works as call by value 0.00
Merge lists and pick properties from both -0.46
Remove code duplicate in C# like DRY principle +0.49
Using a method call as an argument for an established method 0.00
Couldn't find an installed template that matches the input, sea... 0.00
c# loop through dictionary passed through session -0.52
I have been following a tutorial on a snake game for C# but there i... 0.00
Cannot pass a list from the controller to view +0.00
How can I intercept elements in an IQueryable regardless of how man... +1.88
Decrease and increase a column in EF Core -0.01
Unable to populate Form.CheckBox array programmatically in C# 0.00
How do you return a value from a json file with unkown objects? +0.49
C# Refresh File to get the correct lastwritetime for file which is... 0.00
Custom Visual Studio solution 0.00
DependencyResolutionException: None of the constructors found with... 0.00
Is it possible to get the exact correct date and time (not device t... 0.00
How to use Microsoft.Extensions.LoggingLogger in a scoped service 0.00
what is <T> in System.Span<T> in c#? 0.00