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Prasoon Saurav

1590.58 (2,226th)
71,863 (1,186th)
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Title Δ
"Segmentation fault" vs "run time" error? -2.35
MACROs internal working +0.44
Why does this declaration compile? +0.11
Are global variables always initalized to zero in C? -1.24
Compiler generated default constructor working - C++ -0.69
Will deleting this call destructor? +0.54
Size of the object in code +0.93
What type of declaration is this? +1.38
What happens if there are no parameters after format using printf? -1.06
template specialization -> 'too few template-parameter-lists' 0.00
C conditional operator ('?') with empty second parameter +0.51
C++ initialization 0.00
How can an array be initialized in a constructor? +1.57
Are there any situations where code would have a sequence point in... +1.84
Difference between <string> and <string.h>? +0.45
Why the first copy constructor is called in the code below ? -0.43
Why this definition of vector of shared_ptr can pass the compiler c... +1.42
Disabling g++'s return-value optimisation 0.00
Is it portable to define and declare the function after calling it... -0.10
Is it legal to overrun one element of a struct to view another? -0.76
Is RVO (Return Value Optimization) on unnamed objects a universally... -1.90
(Simple Constructor Concept) Why doesn't Foo(); do anything? +1.59
C++ function evaluation order in assignment operator +1.33
Compiling error on template method, return is instance from inner c... -1.39
Why does omitting an argument to printf print garbage? -0.63
How to access allocated memory in C? -1.23
Strange printf output -0.85
If the value of an uninitialized variable shouldn't affect the valu... -1.63
Evaluation order of overloaded operator |? -0.22
Need help solving a C-based programming puzzle -2.51
undefined reference to variable i +1.12
Undefined Behavior: A checklist for code reviews -1.06
C++: overloaded destructor? +1.77
lvalue required as increment operand error +0.35
String as an array index +0.91
C++ Problem with a class template -0.93
64 bit operations -1.34
Diff bet new String("xyz") and "xyz" in Java +2.00
Is un-initialized integer always default to 0 in c? -1.11
swap fails in case of int and works in case of string +1.65
Standard reference for int foo = foo +1.82
C++ struct initialization assertion fails -0.77
Is it undefined behaviour to delete a null void* pointer? -2.16
May a reference be more efficient than a pointer? +1.52
Is the expression (a=b) = k UB? 0.00
sizeof('z') result unexpected -0.39
Strange behavior of copy-initialization, doesn't call the copy-cons... +0.25
lvalue required as left operand of assignment -2.29
Question about unsigned int in c +0.11
C Pointers Problem Concatenating Strings +0.02