An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1450.02 (4,532,643rd)
622 (228,984th)
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Title Δ
accessing the content of a memory address in C -1.40
Event not Reset using ResetEvent() 0.00
sndfile.h C CodeBlocks Windows 7 0.00
Why is chdir() not successful? -2.10
Modifying a struct passed as a pointer - C -1.61
What parts of ELF file should be loaded in to the memory? -2.59
editing a specific line of a file in C -3.42
changing a static variable at runtime 0.00
Single dimensional array address -3.13
How do I open a file with only the FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES permission? -3.60
lvalue required as unary ‘&’ operand -3.89
C fork distinguish between father and sons -2.83
Multi-threading with long linked-list -1.29
How to use AT commands in C language +0.33
Where do static local variables go -1.40
Reverse string array -2.86
Continue executing another thread +1.65
how to create .dll from .lib file in c project? -3.99
Easy to use shared memory library in C +0.31
c define multiline macro? -2.32
Dynamic C, How to add 2 "hours" as 4 digit Integer +0.89
Converting a single user application to a multi user application -0.07
C++ getchar() is there data still waiting to be read -3.72
Conditionally replacing a C function at runtime 0.00
how to copy char array to another char array in C? -3.72
opening .ts files in C and reading bit by bit the contents of the s... -0.55
'^M' character inserted instead of new line -0.01
how can I covert int to char in C -1.34
Running multiple projects in visual studio +0.11
How to prepare a build job that produces .dll and unix .so on singl... -1.54
Using sockets in multithread server +0.26
How to prevent function from printing? +0.86
The parameter x has not been declared -4.03
Initialising a 2d-array with zeros; printing its values reveals tha... +4.60
Calling functions from a shared library +0.09
Working of exec family functions -1.90
Is there a way to determine the size of an array based on t 0.00
Preprocessor directives define and ifdef do not work as I imagined? -3.44
Replacing Tab(s) with a Space - Memory Issues (free invalid next si... -2.68
VS2010 MFC LNK 2019 unresolved external symbol -0.01
simultanous read and write (stdin, stdout) in C +3.72
accessing data from file path with"space" on windows 0.00
Null vs ZeroMemory +3.01
Linked List in C error -- Invalid Initalizer error -2.58
fread function reads only about 700kb +3.79
C - Is there any way to check if a number is equal to 1 using bit c... -0.24
Converting C++ code with pointers into a Java equivalent -2.40
C Programming 2 pipes +1.04
Java ByteArray equivalent in C or C++ +2.76
How to use Shared Memory (IPC) in Android -3.94