An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1530.44 (17,703rd)
24,477 (5,245th)
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Title Δ
No users to select from the list in Azure Role assignments using Re... 0.00
Create my own AccessTokens with MS Identity Platform 0.00
I don't know why it takes a long time to access the azure app s... 0.00
How do I use synology domain name for azure 0.00
Coupling Azure AD with existing user accounts in our solution 0.00
MS Graph Api Read Users that gave permissions 0.00
Is there anyway to use the AddSecretClient DI extension in an azure... 0.00
Creating an azure keyvault secret without value? 0.00
Can I use Azure MFA without use its SSO login? 0.00
C# - Azure Durable Function - Restart Orchestration 0.00
How to include roles into access token using Azure AD MSAL library 0.00
Why do I need secret on delegated az ad app? 0.00
How to use compound identity to authenticate with Azure to access A... 0.00
Azure AD B2C - Populating email in input claim from previous orches... 0.00
Azure AD B2C Failed to download OpenID configuration 0.00
@ondblclick event in Blazor also fires 2 single click events 0.00
Azure B2C Apimanagement multitenant jwt validation 0.00
Forgot Password User Flow Not Wokring Azure AD B2C Msal Android 0.00
Access Token With Azure AD API Scopes and Graph Scops does not auth... 0.00
Graph API to get all AAD Properties 0.00
Is it not supported using postman/C# HTTPRequest only to use the Au... 0.00
How to get group names of the user is a member of using Microsoft G... 0.00
How to use ILogger without dependency injection? 0.00
Get token for OAuth2 protected API in PowerShell 0.00
What happen if Azure COSMOS container run out of RUs? 0.00
az account get-access-token - fails to fetch token in user's co... 0.00
Correct setup for Azure B2C and Core 3.1 API 0.00
Daemon application permissions for a personal microsoft account 0.00
how to scale azure durable funciton 0.00
Using Graph API to restrict access to the web application website t... 0.00
Custom role to read anything underneath an azure subsctiption for e... 0.00
"AADSTS900144: The request body must contain the following par... 0.00
What is single http request? 0.00
MSAL.js - Implicit Authentication - Issue with reply url parameters 0.00
In .NET Core EF, why Query run so much faster if .Select() is used... 0.00
What is the replacement of MvcMiddleware in ASP.NET Core 3.0+? 0.00
Azure Key Vault. How it works? 0.00
Can I avoid registering my app in Azure when using MS Graph? 0.00
Azure login for tenant failing for Az app/principal with No subscri... 0.00
IFeatureCollection is disposed Object name: Collection in a Task? 0.00
How can I get the current computer´s domain via core? 0.00
Understanding the structure of an core endpoint route 0.00
How to get Principal Id in app service using Arm template? 0.00
Microsoft Azure Graph API for login using certificate thumbprint 0.00
On Azure AD portal, where to find "sub" claim value for u... 0.00
Is it possible to have Azure App Registration in one tenant and App... 0.00
ASP Net Core call Azure B2C policy 0.00
Which application requires to enable Azure AD based authentication,... 0.00
.NET Core Update Permissions with Azure AD and Local DB 0.00
Azure AD B2C CORS errors 0.00