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Ignacio Soler Garcia

1473.80 (4,337,699th)
12,182 (12,040th)
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Title Δ
How to configure the pre-warmed instances in Azure Functions Premium? +0.53
Performing reverse UK postcode lookup on Bing maps 0.00
WPF MVVM Bind list of different UserControls in Windows page -0.46
Process.Start returns Nothing when opening up PDF with Microsoft Edge +2.13
Issues with applying different discounts in subclasses using inheri... -0.33
Custom rule pattern implementation 0.00
Generate .trx file via code in c# 0.00
String doesn't contain character even after checking with if-st... 0.00
Expression.SwitchCase matching issue +0.52
Cannot delete / modify some workitems after deleting some others in... +2.14
Handle random internal 500 +0.55
WPF MVVM : how to Update UI controllers based on Event +0.08
DWebBrowserEvents2 event OnQuit fired multiple times +0.55
Calling Word method Application.ComAddins crashes after downgrading... 0.00
UWP handling many threads -0.45
Lock class inside a class -1.44
Which degree of modularity is recommended for a PRISM application? 0.00
System.OutOfMemoryException when reading MemoryStream 0.00
How to bind Height to parent's height minus another item's... +0.79
How to manage specific and generic exceptions +0.27
WPF Out of memory exception -1.48
What kinds of 'link-time constant' and 'assembly-time c... 0.00
Get type of wincontrol - c# -0.47
I have to call multiple different web services in parallel using C# 0.00
How to detect system halt and recover last status in C#? 0.00
View Updating Model directly In WPF MVVM instead of ViewModel +0.65
Stuck in while loop using tcp client and streamreader +0.54
Why winform Dispose method is missing 'detect redundant calls&#... -0.93
Animate Progress bar Foreground Colour based on Range WPF 0.00
I need random algorithm that fulfills condition 0.00
Make wcf client wait for the callback +0.20
How to select the Visual Studio version to use on the build machine? +0.54
Circular reference issues in C# webAPi projects -1.57
Cannot write code in visual studio while debugging +0.20
WPF C# Progress Bar different Window -1.91
Program to create a delay in third party app? 0.00
Inject require object depends on condition in constructor injection -0.45
Wish: Hiding a Deprecated Method with Another Overload Using Defaul... -0.67
How to prevent a struct's default contructor to be called? -0.71
Convert MAC address to byte array in C# -0.92
Unity registrations override each other +0.53
Hibernate returns a proxy for an object set to EAGER 0.00
How do I fit/re-size Windows Form to any screen resolution? +3.13
InvalidOperationException: dispatcher processing has been suspended... +0.37
net pipe WCF service running in different user sessions with the sa... 0.00
How to create an object of a class for a static property by Unity c... -0.19
How to access TFS server thru a proxy with authentication? 0.00
Unsbscribe event using dispose in MVVM +0.91
Random variable selects same values despite single instance +0.56
Is it good practice to document thrown exceptions for interfaces? -1.47