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Rating Stats for

Geoff Reedy

1545.41 (9,217th)
27,915 (4,493rd)
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Title Δ
Ocaml function application operator fails -0.87
change in the text file in linux command line -0.06
RecursionError when python copy.deepcopy -0.05
systemd: multiple units of the same 0.00
Is it possible to use functions that acts on FILE* on custom struct... 0.00
How to avoid LLVM's Support CommandLine leaking library argumen... +0.45
execvp not working with command line argument 0.00
Please explain this Vim mapping alias(?) 0.00
Why can't I statically reference an inner class's static method on... 0.00
Why does RPM think version 1.03ii > 1.1? 0.00
Vim command line mode - how to confirm selection? 0.00
What are os.fdopen() semantics? 0.00
Introducing some randomness with sorting in Python +1.17
Why are only some modeline settings being applied in Vim? 0.00
vim colorcolumn when not file type 0.00
ViM syntax highlighting based on column -1.28
vim How to not tabularize inside a string 0.00
submatch(0) gives an empty string -1.88
How to use Ctrl-R_= with :execute +0.16
Trigger cursor positioning and selection on going to Normal mode or... 0.00
Calling a function using a Funcptr which is a menber of struct in p... 0.00
Vim: Textwrap without leading characters 0.00
Can I merge a branch from the future at a commit in the past withou... 0.00
Problems running exported C++ functions on separate threads from Py... 0.00
Why gcc disassembler allocating extra space for local variable? -0.86
ARM memory mapping: INT15 equivalent? Standard way to query memory... -2.08
Displaying LLVMTypeRef object using LLVM C API functions 0.00
Where does the compound/string literals get stored in the memory? -1.52
CPU emulation in haskell, functional data structures, and maybe zip... -0.59
SWT disable window causes lose focus -1.81
how to represent functional language debug information in llvm sour... 0.00
How to create a ConstantInt in LLVM? 0.00
Compute sum with huge intermediate values +1.12
Executing commandline commands from Python using subprocess module -1.99
Why would the type of a bit field affect the size of the containing... 0.00
LaTeX: Cannot Create Document 0.00
importing module without importing that models imports -2.00
importing module without importing that models imports +2.00
Can't share variables between pthreads, values are different +0.21
In python, how can I use regex to replace square bracket with paren... -0.93
ant run task : [java] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/lo... 0.00
How to get the ant build xml file's own name? 0.00
integer to string issue -0.25
Setting linenothreshold globally 0.00
read_char syscall not working correctly in command line spim 0.00
precise timing in C +0.17
.dircolors does not affect existing files, only new files 0.00
getenv() Linux/Ubuntu returns NULL +0.55
Java double brace initialization works always? -1.45
How to avoid optional line breaks in Ocaml's Format pretty-printer? +0.42