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Igor Tandetnik

1642.69 (647th)
33,855 (3,459th)
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Title Δ
Iterating through multiple sequential lists in c++ 0.00
Strange behaviour of operator= in C++ 0.00
How to programmatically generate std::index_sequence of same values... 0.00
What does "using VirtualFn1_t = void(__thiscall*)(void* thispt... 0.00
why is specialised template being called? 0.00
Calling function templates specialized in another translation unit -0.15
Why is the vector increasing its size to 10 when i am initialising... +0.35
Why behavior changes as order of a emplace_back / push_back changes... 0.00
Parametrize using a template parameter as a parameter to a lambda 0.00
function template specialization for variadic templated function (p... -0.97
Registering file handlers in code running prior to main() -2.84
C++ map segmentation fault (core dumped) 0.00
Is it possible to check if a object is equal to a template class wi... +1.24
Static assertion failed error when trying to use std::vector<std... 0.00
Recursive including template files fails compilation 0.00
Cannot use unique_ptr inside a map in a vector? 0.00
Template problem in my super class with a struct definition 0.00
Pass param packed args into a std::queue to call with a different f... 0.00
Given a pointer to heap allocated memory, how do smart pointer impl... 0.00
The usage of constructor -0.20
What is wrong with this loop-based function that returns the positi... -1.47
Use std::find with stride and only check specific member in struct 0.00
how can i use cout<<"hello world"; without using ;... +1.08
C2236 : unexpected token 'struct', did you forget ';... 0.00
Ending the lifetime of an object used in another thread +1.64
How to Find a Substring in a Particular String in a Set 0.00
Unforgettable Factory: When is constructor instantiated? 0.00
Possible infinite loop -0.00
Linker error: Failing to resolve constructor 0.00
Console changes color for no apparent reason when I use the CHAR_IN... 0.00
size edges and vertex of adjancency list c++ 0.00
How to deal with such problems from templates using std::enable_if... 0.00
Is there any way I can add elements to list like shown? 0.00
problem with constructors and g++ compile recipe -0.45
What operands expect modulo % operator? 0.00
Notify Detached Thread on DLL_DETACHED 0.00
How to convert this code to a "for" loop? 0.00
Declaring class member with deduced type +0.30
Instantiate std::atomic<> with a user-defined type UDT. If UD... 0.00
Winsock2: When I try to send a string with spaces, the function app... 0.00
Iterator as map value goes wrong 0.00
Is an initializer list static enough to allow instantiating templat... -0.16
Multiple std::map.insert()'s using the same std::pair of refere... -0.19
My linked list does not print out as expected? 0.00
is there any way to sort a vector of pair with according to user? -0.67
How to transfer a class type to a function template for new operati... 0.00
Why does copy-and-swap in a base class cause the copy-assignment op... -1.90
Valgrind report read error on =operator with nested shared_ptrs 0.00
May I call destructor from move assignement operator? 0.00
error: reference to overloaded function could not be resolved +1.77