An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1488.54 (4,312,487th)
786 (187,123rd)
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Title Δ on Apache Beam 0.00
How to use FontAwesome on fxml JavaFX without Maven 0.00
Javafx Maven Plugin Failed to execute goal 0.00
OpenGL ES swap pixels 0.00
Real distance between two points over image -3.91
InvocationTargetException and NullPointerException JavaFX -3.96
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException cannot take "cause" in co... +4.77
extracting numbers from list -3.43
Efficient method to retrieve a single, specific digit from a text f... -2.64
Calculate the memory usage of a HashMap in java +0.56
LWJGL/OpenGL/JAVA How to render Text with FreeType? 0.00
How/Why can you dispose something in another class? -4.16
libGDX create an atlas out of a folder of images -2.74
How to move continuous data in to the files for every 15 minutes us... -0.05
How to implement multiple features in one opengl program? 0.00
Detecting Memory and CPU consumption of a particluar app 0.00
maven eclipse:eclipse order of source folders get lost 0.00
Type declaration based on type parameters in inner classes +0.79
Maven Snapshot in pom.xml -3.66
How to combine two Maps into one with maintaining the duplicate val... +4.04
Is there standard implementation for thread block/resume in java SE? -0.22
LibGDX - Should texture.dispose() execute first and then batch.disp... 0.00
Nicely written check for numbers that can be null in java +3.77
How to get the particular package from the exception stackTrace in... 0.00
Saving Sprite Position +4.05
I never figure out the correct way to create an 2D ArrayList +1.92
java TreeSet: comparing and equality +0.50
How to draw images fast in OGLES2.0 with android? 0.00
java string Constant : hex value for a single character - how? -3.95
Fluent movement of units in an RTS game? 0.00
Display Image JFrame +4.18
Calling base and derived static methods of a type variable -1.39
Managing JDBC connections -3.62
Fastest way to parse txt file in Java -2.32