An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1546.10 (9,206th)
13,921 (10,284th)
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Title Δ
Liquibase won't find changelog files 0.00
kapt generated files contain errors and prevent debugging unit test... 0.00
MySQL select children where parent has a value (best query) 0.00
JavaScript - How to use variable as key? 0.00
If/Else in SQL Where Clause 0.00
What is == $0 in developer tool after the end of every line of code? -0.07
Why use multiple col-[lg|md|sm|xs]- in bootstrap? -0.57
Java Exception: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException +1.03
MySQL - SELECT where multiple fields must be true +0.42
In javascript when creating a new object, the array property in it... 0.00
How to get the maximum and minimum salary of all the departments al... +0.97
Multiple conditions in SQL -0.09
Update similar values in separated row in mysql +1.22
To create MySQL tables for each specific user, or generalize the ta... -0.06
questions when using mongoose in Node.js 0.00
how to find first level child of li using jquery -0.43
Why this Output is BarBarBar and not FooBarFoo? 0.00
Why RegexOptions are compiled to RegexOptions.None in MSIL? 0.00
Different arguments to array of callbacks in Javascript +1.89
SQL INSERT based on null values comparison from 2 other tables +0.70
SQL - Conditional Where statement +0.90
test exception is not thrown 0.00
LINQ result to object initializer +0.44
Why the Ajax http get doesn't retrive json? 0.00
SQL To count values of multiple columns -2.05
DISTINCT clause used on non-distinct select error +1.49
MySQL SELECT with another SELECT inside 0.00
Difference between 2 dates not zero +0.95
Building SQL query with _POST parameters -0.22
SQL OpenQuery incorrect syntax near string +0.43
Linux memory issue 0.00
Alternatives to USING in a JOIN for SQL Server for avoiding duplica... +0.24
Case Statement On Two Conditions 0.00
PHP to check Operating System ONLY -0.55
Unrecognized token AND +0.12
Trying to create a program that places points along the circumferen... +0.44
Ignored characters in Where-Clause? +1.30
calling a function on complete of multiple ajax events 0.00
Return intersection of 3 tables with joins +0.43
sql If statement or case -0.32
Verifying existence of data accross tables +0.43
SQL WHERE (conditions) AND (condition1 OR condition2) doesn't w... +0.45
Use of OUTER JOIN AND OR operators together -0.58
Select No Rows If Any Row Meets A Condition? +1.35
MYSQL: Getting certain data from a cross join depending on condition 0.00
If i call Insert method from C i want to get output "Now in Cl... -0.21
Why is Javascript button not working? -0.55
MySQL UPDATE Table WHERE the number of rows greater than n -1.82
SQL Relational Query -0.05
Can two Lists be joined if types are different like List<T> a... -0.76