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1529.44 (18,578th)
41,619 (2,642nd)
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Title Δ
Extract exact words or set of characters using Regex in Python -0.73
how to input string of numbers as int* using while C++ 0.00
Why the copy and move constructors end up in the same amount of mem... 0.00
Was there any version of C++ (even pre-standard) were `throw()` did... 0.00
C++ vector push_back function 0.00
Keep the duplicated values only - Vectors C++ 0.00
How to add a linked list to itself? +0.46
C++, linux, shutdown command without root -0.54
How can I syncronize these two threads properly? +2.92
why is the sort() changing my input array? +1.94
What Is a Proper and Elegant Way to Overload Constructors in C++ -0.94
Can a constexpr linked list of arbitrary types be created? -1.81
Async takes longer than sequential execution 0.00
4 same garbage characters at the end of my string -0.67
Strange inconsistency between function template and "normal&qu... -0.69
C++ Constructors with multiple raw pointers +1.47
What formally guarantees that reads don't see a write (with rac... -1.17
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find /usr/lib64/ on redhat 0.00
Simple non-blocking multi-threaded tcp server 0.00
Can't restrict overload of template function `operator+` to my... -0.85
Type to store a highly precise decimal < 1 +1.93
How Linux handles the case when multiple processes try to replace t... -1.67
What is an efficient way to place random numbers in a buffer for wr... 0.00
How to create wrapper for using C++ code in C? -0.95
Why is Base Class Method Called When Derived Class Method Should be... 0.00
Trouble wrapping std::istream, unique_ptr not null after moved +2.45
C++ - assignment to 'this' anachronism 0.00
Cache efficiency with static member in thread 0.00
Why we should import #include <string> for string data type a... -1.51
Creating 100 threads in C++ +1.10
std::fstream read block of data from file and write data back to fi... 0.00
Simultaneity in C++ versus Visual Basic? 0.00
Is it safe to use c_str() on a temporary string? -1.74
C++ local variable and memory leak +0.44
how to sort vector of a structure without C++ STL sort() +1.23
my code is running well during execution...but i when i go to submi... +0.20
How to manage sys.path in pytest that's running systems configu... 0.00
How does graph.find(i) != graph.end() determine if i is in the graph? +2.41
Optimization problem with [[gnu::pure]] function attribute and thre... -1.97
How to implement thread-safe container with natural looking syntax? +1.00
c++ pointer after delete still take memory 0.00
Why do we use brackets when assigning array of vectors in vector? 0.00
Compiling with different versions of gcc on ubuntu yields different... -1.07
Can I force a shared C++ library to fail to build if a class isn... -1.36
My C++ Functions do not seem to be called -0.56
C++ How to kill or "refresh" a thread? -0.60
Why does adding code break what was working even if it isn't ex... 0.00
How to synchronize thread for recursive function with sub-threads -1.90
Should I change this code that uses push_back to use std::move? +0.46
Possible race-condition/undefined behaviour in multi-threaded program -0.13