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Rating Stats for

Rohit Jain

1722.12 (79th)
174,008 (293rd)
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Title Δ
Last Row In Group Based on Timestamp Column For a Subset of Group I... -2.64
Trying to understand 'lambda' and 'map' in this scr... -0.29
time efficient way to loop over nested dictionary in python 3 0.00
Find column that has the most distinct values in ANOTHER column? -0.91
Django. Complex annotations require an alias. What is alias here? 0.00
Django - Get sum of two dates for unique fields 0.00
import logging.handlers breaks my program. Why? +1.59
How to correctly capture generator output in a list comprehension? -0.48
How does django static exactly work 0.00
Rest Framework Serializer Field Read-Only not working 0.00
cast to Type in java -3.05
Why does the javac error "(x) cannot be applied to (y)",... 0.00
remove duplicate elements from list in python 0.00
Matches lookbehind / ahead multiple times 0.00
Trouble understanding basic of Django Forms 0.00
Is making the request object optional for a view incorrect in Django? 0.00
django relation between two many to many fields 0.00
Display the validation errors for each field with ValidationError b... 0.00
Doubling objects in unittest.mock 0.00
Python - How to sort a text file based on date time stamp on a column -1.03
PHP Regex allow only a-z A-Z 1-9 and replace spaces with underscore 0.00
Selecting from Python lists using values rather than indices +0.21
Django: What is a permission codename? 0.00
Customize Django Form Style +0.21
Django : ModelForm with OneToOneField +1.30
Match all occurrences in a line with grep +0.87
Different parts of regex matching same text depending on what comes... 0.00
Replace printed statements in Python 2.7 +0.93
Regex for getting all digits in a string after a character +0.23
Unable to send unique product id using jquery ajax -0.29
How to access custom QuerySet methods from the Manager of a Foreign... 0.00
What do I need to do to be able to use filter objects that have a p... 0.00
Iterate over two dictionaries and get a list in Python +1.09
Find lists which together contain all values from 0-23 in list of l... -0.85
Django: how to read a property of a model through a function? +1.17
Merging two lists in the order of each elements in two lists -1.53
Using django url in Ajax is returning a string -0.79
Counting particular item in defaultdict list -0.80
django rest frameworks - querying to a nested List? 0.00
How to create distinct instances of a class in Python? +1.25
how to make sure that the UTC date saved in the database is equival... +0.22
Consuming api from django rest framework +0.21
Find max of ArrayList of ArrayList, key = length -2.08
Function that returns true or false if certain conditions are met? +0.56
Transforming into class based-view, how and why? 0.00
Match all pattern occurences but not in double quotes 0.00
__add__ an uknown number of objects 0.00
When trying to run a Django project I get the NoReverseMatch error +0.21
Setting LinkedList nodes to null -2.07
Cast field via reflection to array type in Java 0.00