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Rating Stats for

Ravindra Bagale

1424.93 (4,190,792nd)
13,366 (10,777th)
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Title Δ
Custom CollectionView crashes iOS -0.39
Oracle: What does this expression "<>" mean in a SQ... +0.47
hide keyboard in ios7 +0.59
Call NavigationController (xib) from ViewController (storyboard) +0.10
UICollectionView crashes when deleting section 0.00
Multiple buttons to one Table View -0.07
Game Center integration with Sprite Kit? -0.39
after updating to iOS 7 label not showing 0.00
Buffer overflow prevention using NSString 0.00
How to add an animated splash screen? +0.08
How to add and use a custom font in my xcode project -0.82
Restkit - NSArray property is always null +0.10
App on iPhone simulator doesn't match what's on the iPod touch. (Gi... +0.09
Is there a blueprint to developing 3d iOS games such as Subway Surf... 0.00
How to specify that a view should take up the rest available space? +0.08
iOS error msg: Break or Case Statement not in loop or switch +0.09
iOS : CGRect of a Specific Text in a String of a UILabel +0.14
Display multiple objects from server +0.61
How to release instance variable in ARC - Objective-C -0.51
Enabling the customer to distribute the iOS app +0.12
Can't set properties in Custom UITableViewCell +0.57
importing tyhe csv file in ios sdk +0.18
UIButton image not changing +2.25
iOS, creating a business object in a loop, adding it to array +0.17
Parsing xml data and storing it using core data iOS -0.66
Textfield's size change when enter large text +0.22
Framework not found AssetsLibrary in xcode 4.5 0.00
How to block a gesture from superview to subview? -0.40
Phonegap HTML5 audio does not resume playback after incoming phone... +0.06
iOS SIGABRT on dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier 0.00
Where can I find precompiled Ogg,Speex and Vorbis libraries for iOS? +0.09
How to highlight text like in the image? +0.05
how can i search all sound files in iphone through xcode +0.61
adding multiple contents in a cell -0.66
iOS AVPlayer does not start playing +0.11
XML response to NSArray +1.19
potential leak of an object without further info +0.52
How set time duration for local notification -0.52
UIImageView in a custom UITableCiewCell dimensions and resolution 0.00
iOS HTTP request - getting the error response message +0.11
Comparing two equal CGFloat:s, getting positive (YES) result -1.61
Customize Grouped UITableView -0.39
Core Plot - number of decimal places for plot label 0.00
Navigating to a main ViewController that is already loaded without... -0.37
iPhone App getting rejected due to "Did not include iOS featur... +0.51
SKPayment is deprecated +0.63
File Manager access in iphone for custom application 0.00
Weird error while trying to play .mp3 sound effects in xcode? -0.47
Change the image of selected cell UICollectionView -0.41
So many errors occurred when I using the ARC convertion tool +0.19