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1601.29 (1,726th)
101,686 (719th)
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Title Δ
Short script that displays the code itself? -0.44
The smartmatch operator is not working as expected +2.44
Add "m" modifier to qr pattern passed as parameter -0.13
How to ignore an exit(1) on a perl subroutine - tried eval but didn... 0.00
How do I hash my password correctly using perl? 0.00
perl shebang: `Too late for "-Mstrict" ` -0.16
How to check that last test is failed? 0.00
Printing the result of the script(running in background) on the ter... -1.82
How do I get a MakeMaker target for code coverage? 0.00
Perl How to use DBIx::Class to return data beautifully -1.11
can a variable be defined in perl whose value cannot be changed in... +0.06
getting the hexvalue of an array -0.20
Jenkins hash in Perl? -2.16
What is if (!caller) in perl? +1.32
How do I get the signature of a subroutine in runtime? +1.69
Timeout the perl command +0.33
What does local do on the standard streams / bareword word filehand... -0.39
is there a way to locally change the input record separator in perl? -0.67
Setting a perl exported constant 0.00
Continue instead of 'or die' in Perl -0.31
How can I detect if a lexical variable exists (is declared) in a pa... +0.86
How to avoid generating a very small computational error in perl 0.00
why POSIX qw{strftime}; is giving me a houre on "0" secon... -0.82
perl & python writing out non-ASCII characters into JSON differ... -1.54
Can I reference a named subroutine with some arguments -0.57
How to disable warnings? +1.05
How the rbinom function in R works if it is in the middle of for lo... 0.00
Using outer() to map a vector of functions to a vector of inputs -1.22
why does perl's Module::Load::Conditional::check_install find u... 0.00
Perl assigning @ARGV array to a variable -1.35
Error message "Signal SIGCHLD received, but no signal handler... -0.63
How to get a user-configurable buffer for printing? -0.38
How to use a dataset to extract specific columns from another datas... -0.47
Why does this snippet complain about 'Can't locate object m... +2.02
How do I get a count for each unique value in a dataframe column, e... +1.08
R.exe and Rscript.exe 0.00
Perl: Expression precedence and evaluation +0.34
How can I resolve error: no such file or directory 0.00
How to disable perl's garbage collector? -0.33
Convert proprietary time duration format to milliseconds +2.12
how to read the value of specific tag within an xml using perl -0.32
Using perl `my` within actual function arguments -1.48
perl validate data structure syntax +1.82
STDOUT and STDERR out of order +0.50
Why do @+ and @{^CAPTURE} differ in length? -0.19
How to call a function from a particular file in perl? 0.00
Asynchronous programming in Perl -1.33
Why not simply use __PACKAGE__ when creating a new Perl module? +1.88
Perl variable assignment side effects +1.70
Error "install_driver(Oracle) failed" when running Perl s... 0.00