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1656.94 (437th)
111,709 (632nd)
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Title Δ
how to devide code into functions in c programming 0.00
Is "void" a scalar type? 0.00
Not getting expected output from this code using logical operators... 0.00
Sending large files over UDP 0.00
Difference between different ways of initializing pointers in c 0.00
bind() function is not executing at all, no output when testing it 0.00
Allocating a fixed character array vs. a pointer for casting to str... -0.64
why can i import negative numbers as int, but not as long int or ot... -0.08
Incompatible types when assigning to type ‘int[100][1000]’ from typ... 0.00
Do arrays in struct fields always persist upon return? -1.85
Optimize multiply and add +0.78
What does "-1" represent in the value range for unsigned... -1.43
Terminating character arrays -1.69
Minimum length of string that can crash some application -0.35
Why do function pointers not name their arguments? +1.46
Can we assign address to a pointer by another variable containing a... +0.29
Binding failed : Cannot assign requested address +0.28
Why my code refuse to compare the generated hashes 0.00
Does a stray \ [backslash] have any meaning in C code? +1.06
Advanced C question: Please explain C construct *({ foo(&bar);... +1.53
Beginner in need of a simple explanation of the difference between... -0.93
Make Applications discover each other via UDP 0.00
For loop not working properly to get inputs in an array in c -0.71
Segfault when creating an array larger than 100000 0.00
Dereferencing a pointer in a 'for' loop initializer creates... +0.93
the value pointer points to is not updated -0.64
How does arrays bypass its declared length 0.00
OR operation on two memory locations pointed by pointers -1.71
Is it possible to pass a struct to a function without creating a va... 0.00
Why is the (signed) cast necessary only sometimes to represent the... -2.47
Is there a way to compile and execute dynamically generated code in... +0.61
Is ((size_t *)(vec))[-1] a violation of strict-aliasing? +0.82
What is Happening in this C++ Code? Why s.u.a = 20? 0.00
Increment operator not showing expected result -0.52
How do pointers reference multi-byte variables? -0.41
fork() causes the beginning of the parent's main to execute if... 0.00
How to fix the warning of " format %d expects argument of type... -2.85
Scope of variables in "for" loop +1.56
macro with ternary operator - can I funnel through variable at runt... -2.84
Is the return statement considered to be an expression statement in... +1.72
UDP connection responses not received by client 0.00
C/C++ Is bitfield endianess really a problem in actual practice? 0.00
How to create a pointer to only the first letter of a string 0.00
Is it possible to recover secret data with allocating memory (like... +1.14
Why does this code work and not produce a segmentation error? -0.46
How the (null) gets printed? What is the concept behind it? 0.00
What will be the output, if we print a string that contains "%... -1.96
Is it possible to "Turn off" or "Turn on" volat... +0.27
Issues with structure variable initialization +0.28
How does an array terminate? +1.67