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1670.33 (300th)
107,921 (659th)
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Title Δ
String array as long as input 0.00
Why do we use return; statement in a void function? 0.00
Why does the nested if statement output true when there is no condi... 0.00
Problem with makefile after rename variable 0.00
Difference between strcmp of string.h and my own implementation of... 0.00
If string arrays are null terminated in C, why are arrays of other... 0.00
How to read a struct from a text file that I created? 0.00
What is a fully promoted type? 0.00
Aligned_alloc behaviour 0.00
Is this pointer return safe? 0.00
Passing a 2D array to a function as pointer to array of integers 0.00
Why is `typedef struct x x` allowed? 0.00
call to execve has too few arguments, but should be receiving full... 0.00
Why is storing a function with different argument type to function... 0.00
Is block-scope buffer valid outside of the block in c 0.00
How many ways are there to printf() and scanf() a float* variable? 0.00
malloc function memory management 0.00
Trouble in C with string array where elements are repeated 0.00
cannot understand the output for switch statement for input 3 0.00
float point multiple and divident precision problem 0.00
Why use functions that just return a constant instead of just using... 0.00
how to use pointer change array element 0.00
Swapping alternate digits of a number 0.00
socket connecting in main but not inside a function 0.00
Implementing two sample t-test in C 0.00
MSVC 1 bit enum type equals -1 and equality test fails 0.00
Is this bit operator code is side effects (term used in K&R C b... 0.00
How to find all the file names in a specific directory without usin... 0.00
Valgrind "Invalide write of size 1" 0.00
unable to compare integer variable containing ASCII value by getcha... 0.00
Are parentheses always considered a function call? 0.00
What is the difference between char * ptr = ""; char * pt... 0.00
Must the ternary operator be evaluated statically whenever possible? 0.00
Why is my output wrong at these two test cases? 0.00
In C is it ok to use & and [] together to quickly get the point... 0.00
how to generate a symmetric sequence (same amount of elements of ea... 0.00
Implicit conversion and explicit conversion in c 0.00
Can you have in C variable length arguments functions with cases wh... 0.00
Invalid conversion from std::size_t* to long unsigned int* 0.00
I am trying to store value in long long int type but giving wrong r... 0.00
What's the difference between const array and static const arra... 0.00
How to return pointer to an array of strings in C 0.00
Strange stamp on gettimeofday() 0.00
The for loop isn't entered even if the initial requirement is t... 0.00
Can anyone explain the following output of the code? 0.00
expected expression before ' {' with mutexs initialize 0.00
OpenSSL “error: storage size of ‘ctx’ isn’t known” 0.00
Can I print exactly representable float without loss of precision? 0.00
FILE* behvior changes inside a function 0.00
How do i copy members of a struct into an array of double in C? 0.00