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Michael Borgwardt

1620.20 (1,063rd)
303,448 (112th)
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Title Δ
How do I add arrays to an Arraylist of Arrays (Arraylist<Integer... -0.16
Java OOP build an array of objects 0.00
No qualifying bean of type available 0.00
Lambda: Callable variable initiated with a Runnable instance +2.61
How is Java parameter reference and original reference (not object)... -1.65
UML and Code Relationship 0.00
I wonder if downcasting and inheritance are the same thing? -0.68
Why is my DataInputStream only reading 114 bytes? 0.00
Jollyday Regions of Holiday 0.00
Can someone explain how this ruby basic-calculator code handles add... 0.00
How to save space with maps -1.56
Manipulate a single element of vector 0.00
Java Scanner and letters åäö +1.25
Can I call a class have only instance variable a wrapper class? -0.25
Does Java Blocks processes created by runtime.exec? 0.00
Is client-side validation unnecessary? -1.38
Where is the CLASSPATH? 0.00
How to print "Today is May 22, 2014 and it is 2:04 pm" at... +0.24
why are unchecked exceptions not checked by java compiler? -1.25
Why can't I assign an object as shown? +1.54
A simple "Hello World" needs 10G virtual memory on a 64-b... +1.16
Running JMeter through Java +0.33
how to do a substring of a string in this case -1.20
What means 1L serialVersionUID? When could I use this default value... +0.48
How should I specify Asian char, and String, constants in Java? +1.03
Java synchronization: If more than one methods in java are made ato... -1.46
Why is System.nanoTime() way slower (in performance) than -1.98
Wait until boolean value changes it state -0.18
error : object is not an instance of declaring class -0.66
When changing encoding in Maven project (CP-1252 to UTF-8), how sha... +0.28
How to convert a Strings to a Byte array? +0.74
Can a non-empty string have a hashcode of zero? 0.00
JVM - Order of execution of sub class methods and the use of @overr... +1.88
How to get the verbatim request body in Spring MVC? 0.00
Serializing a class containing a non-serializable class -2.64
Debugger says currency is missing for product 0.00
Unboxing Long in java +0.73
Multiple servlets in a class +1.32
Cannot be resolved to a type? -1.05
File size vs. in memory size in Java +0.20
Java generic Enum -1.23
Facebook redirect url issue OAuthException 0.00
How are Java applications deployed in the "real world"? +0.01
"FF FF" is getting dumped as "FD" on some of th... 0.00
Why do interfaces extend Object, according to the class file format? -2.77
Passing big objects references instead of small objects to methods... +1.22
Java GUI Layouts +0.33
Java: "uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Recompile with...&... -0.54
What are the differences between Backbone.js and Node.js? And which... +0.36
Final field instead of accessors in enum +0.32