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1474.97 (4,384,812th)
8,271 (18,937th)
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Title Δ
Fix pagination after Wordpress 5.5 update 0.00
iOS 8 multiple <select> serious bug on iPhone? 0.00
PHP show function results after calling the function 0.00
in_array find out what position it was in? +5.53
add item to dropdown list in html using javascript -1.46
Bootstrap, pull-left for small devices 0.00
Waiting for models to load before rendering app in Ember.js -3.71
Doctrine Translatable class not found in chain in Symfony2 0.00
Why is php base64_decode is returning null? +2.41
PHP sql does not return all values -3.36
Dynamic binding jquery plugins? -3.98
Generate a list of unicode characters in a for loop -0.47
adding objects to an already existing javascript object -3.00
How to post back to same page without a form using PHP? -2.95
Javascript - Assigning function to variable doesn't work as intended +0.38
Div tags not expanding in IE .. ok in all other browsers +0.57
Handlebars - substring 0.00
Why this .htaccess doesn't work in subdirectories? 0.00
Typo3 4.6 include extbase plugin with typoscript +4.31
Append stylesheet link for printing triggered on jQuery click() event +4.15
how to prevent multiple inserts when submitting an ajax form +0.18
Rendering a page in PHP: How? -2.18
Image download - image cannot open -0.93
How can I add a drop-shadow to an image using PHP? 0.00
Javascript typing (Int/String) question +0.04
How can I trigger a download with typo3/extbase? +4.70
Does jQuery attr allow for non standards? -2.53
jQuery like Linq? +0.10
Help me understand how to attach function to events +4.02
DOMDocument saveHTML without HTML wrapper? 0.00
PHP echo out jQuery in IF statement +4.49
question regarding javascript;Html generation and search current we... +4.12
Find an element by id and replace its contents with php +0.82
find out if css of layer is block jquery -1.23
removing array from multidimensional array -0.96
Calling the function in this php code +0.40
fopen returns Resource id #4 -1.13
How to style list items (with same class) individually -1.78
Add 30 seconds to the time with PHP -1.15
how to remove border of a hyper-link image? -3.25
jQuery: select checkbox when upload field is clicked +0.32
set/clear interval issue -2.61
Is this a valid url parameter in jquery.ajax()? +0.30
Wordpress, when using the "comment_text" action is it pos... 0.00
how to store a 2D game world in mysql -3.61
is it possible to dynamically set the level of for loop nesting +4.79
JQuery Window blinking +4.24
How to get values from SQL query made by php? +1.56
Chrome messes up the website layout, FF and IE is good -1.39
Get all Select Elements in a Form by referencing $(this) instead of... -3.09