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1578.22 (3,091st)
62,532 (1,436th)
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Title Δ
What is the write SPI command for MX25R device 0.00
How Delay mechanism works in embedded EFM32 0.00
How to Generate Exceptions on Cortex M3? 0.00
How to debug a freeRTOS application? 0.00
what are factors to calculate Task stack size using RTOS? 0.00
Is DMA effective for small packets? 0.00
Why using memory layout for running a C program +1.29
Can I create a Visual Studio 2019 project from existing C code? 0.00
File access between mcu and PC through rs232 communication -0.12
How to exploit interrupts for data transfer over SPI peripheral -2.13
C/C++ Dereference error: Dereference before null check -2.20
Is it bad practice to declare a C function as static if it can stil... -2.02
what is the purpose of using this parameter, int (*cmp) (void*, voi... +1.49
Why can`t I use Systick and Timer1 simultaneously -0.27
Addressing pins of Register in microcontrollers 0.00
STM32F103 chip keeps resetting about every 500ms 0.00
How does the following C operators combined -0.12
what is the meaning of this Logical operators combination in C -0.60
What is "build system" in the embedded domain? +1.08
Issue with servo motor and potentiometer: not moving when program i... +1.75
Error: No operator "=" matches these operands in "Se... +0.44
DE1-SoC displaying LEDs 0.00
what is the following oop structure here? 0.00
How to calculate the checksum of the structure having different dat... 0.00
DeepSleepLock underflow error when doing pow(2, ((m - 69.0f) / 12.0... 0.00
What is the link between Baud rate for embedded C pointers 0.00
how solve problem on download and debug using IAR? 0.00
How do I use an interrupt to reset my program or go back to main du... 0.00
Idea for SPI synchronization 0.00
Error Message: pinmap not found for peripheral Location: 0x8009B0B... 0.00
Can't blink LED on STM32F4 microcontroller +1.13
how to call the Add,Subs, Div and Display function 0.00
Coverity Static Analysis considers char or numbers as int in C 0.00
How DMA Controller handles the Input devices like say Serial port 0.00
To split the given strings into integers and characters in C language -1.78
How can I generate an BACKSPACE in a visual studio debug console? +0.39
Why does an USB CDC device require a host driver in windows? 0.00
How does serial console communication work in a microcontroller? +0.40
C Random Numbers 0.00
measuring a generated wave frequency using ICU - Atmega32 0.00
Distortion in ESP32 I2S audio playback with external DAC for sample... 0.00
Floating point numbers and the effect on 8-bit microcontrollers mem... +1.61
CMSIS-Driver peripherals 0.00
GDB stepping into shared library shows "no such file" eve... -1.47
How to add precompiled library to ESP8266 SDK? 0.00
Simple Windows Program runs in Linux Terminal but not in Windows cmd 0.00
C++ Access violation reading location 0xCCCCCCBC -1.79
Bit banded struct of 16 bits gives size as 3 bytes as well as incor... -2.51
Bus Driver vs Device Driver vs Device Controller 0.00
How to pass a struct member as an argument to a function? − C -0.63