An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1506.75 (108,368th)
2,607 (64,554th)
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Title Δ
Sinatra cannot generate schema or show migration status 0.00
How to iterate over values of one list, change that with a function... +4.02
How to understand this built in function in JavaScript 'Math.fl... +0.13
Newbie Question - Breaking a Function into two 0.00
'User' object has no attribute 'is_valid' Django 0.00
Preserve local time zone in serializer +3.98
How can I print the possible combinations of a list in Python? +3.78
Class-based Views in Django 0.00
Permission Error on Video File Open 0.00
Trouble understanding python syntax for assigning variables 0.00
pygame.time.clock() or pygame.clock.tick() error -0.15
Should I always use virtualenvs in Django? +1.90
Replace all smart quotes in Beautiful Soup +2.50
Can't use django-compress with Heroku +4.04
django-simple-captcha breaking heroku deploy 0.00
Unittest an AMP page 0.00
AMP image is not appearing 0.00
Unable to get compass watch to work 0.00
Exception Value: object of type 'PolymorphicModelBase' has... 0.00
ipdb is triggering ImportError +5.36
How to save the index of a list item 0.00
Rearrange blocks in django template -3.89
Exclude values from a SQL query in Swift 0.00
Add an existing SQLite3 database to Swift 0.00
PDB inconsistently recognizing variables 0.00
Swipe event preventing navigation +0.08
Conversion of a specific character in a string to Upper Case -0.61
Get y-value of points along the generated line graph in Highcharts 0.00
What does the "w" mean in open(filename, "w")? -1.46
How to make text with a multiple of 16 in length? -2.06
Python Find Even Count +0.65
How do you create a list of values in Python within a certain range? -4.99
ImportError: No module named _mssql +3.92
Python list subtraction +0.23
Detecting and correcting Circular Imports 0.00
django-countries: Person() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given) +0.41
Why do I need to import a class within this class, instead of at th... 0.00
Why am I getting a "type 'bool' is not iterable" if I am... -1.83
python turtle crashes with loop 0.00
Django query set suddenly not returning all objects 0.00
How can I separate one sentence between two different <div>s,... +4.03
Python 3 compatibility since no longer has string functions like co... -2.11
Get value of form field before it's submitted 0.00
Form a variable from a string without dictionary -2.97
django crispy forms readonly 0.00
using subroutines in python instead of if statements +1.81
Python - if statement not working correctly -0.81
Use Sublime with virtualenv 0.00
Finding Standard Deviation -2.05
Going back to beginning of the code +0.11