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Sergey Litvinov

1563.19 (4,938th)
5,870 (27,744th)
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Title Δ
How to pass a runtime parameter to an EF Core predicate expression +3.10
How to intercept and modify bulk updates? 0.00
Writing an object's property to a DataTable through Expression... +0.39
Net Fiddle problema with route 0.00
Two LINQ queries returning different data types 0.00
Would an expression tree work here? +1.71
LINQ Expression Building get property and convert to type 0.00
Why does C# Entity Framework Continue to Revert to the Initial Migr... 0.00
C# Count Threading Not Working 0.00
ExtensionInstallSources in Chrome extensions for Enterprise policy 0.00
How to use Paginate method 0.00
How to assign a value from MemberExpression to a field according to... +0.40
How to re-wrap a Linq Expression Tree +2.12
Turn model into JSON and pass it into JavaScript setOnLoadCallBack 0.00
Loading/Injecting .Net Assembly into existing .net process? 0.00
Ninject 1.0 to 2.0 .Only 0.00
Error Treeview in 0.00
Reusing Expression result in parent Expression 0.00
ASP.Net MVC : Handle session for application using windows authetic... -0.07
Read Json data C# +0.82
Using labels like arrays +0.42
Create expression for a simple math formula +0.97
Where to place local dll in a ASP.NET project? +0.41
DataContext.Executequery login failed 0.00
Generic method inside non-generic class -0.25
Avoid assembly reference problems generally 0.00
can we repopulate session again in global file's Session_End ev... +0.42
ASP.NET server object not visible in a C# class -0.91
Dynamic lambda expression for SingleOrDefault 0.00
Who is responsible for transforming LINQ espression tree to a nativ... 0.00
How to return partial results and the total count for a query with... +0.43
How do you test/spoof a users geolocation in MVC.NET? -0.08
Forms Authentication - Signing out a user programatically 0.00
Clear the ViewBag? 0.00
Converting this list of objects to json using LINQ -0.08
countdown plugin not works in mvc 0.00
Assigning a value to a property by reference to a lambda expression 0.00
Get objects from list in Linq to new list -1.70
Using Selenium, is it possible to create a mock WebElement to use i... 0.00
How can I call a delegate that takes multiple parameters if I have... 0.00
MVC EntityFramework Code-First Migrations - Seed() Failing with Amb... +0.42
Base API Controller with Generics 0.00
Handle form in ASP.NET 0.00
How to get values in expression +0.43
Can I Create a Controller instance manually, then run it as a user? -0.41
How do I change the ASP.NET Membership Provider in code? 0.00
Entity to DropDownListItem using Lambda expressions in method 0.00
enableViewStateMac Error 0.00
How to set a constraint for a type so it must be of another generic... -1.85
If I have a .NET website, do search engines see my webpage content... -0.33