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Martin Baulig

1518.61 (32,188th)
2,815 (59,698th)
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Title Δ
Xamarin can't build portable class library - can't target necessary... 0.00
Xamarin + JSON.Net 0.00
Is it inefficient to Thread.Sleep(period) a BackgroundWorker on a m... -4.32
Can't write input to process C# Mono +3.71
Mono HttpResponse.TransmitFile sending corrupt data 0.00
How do I resend a "failed" WebRequest? 0.00
GetRequestStream() freezes if there is no internet connection 0.00
static member inside constructor in C# +0.66
HTTP 407 (Proxy Authentication Required) 0.00
creating web service proxy and deleting WSDL file issue -4.73
Run script in ".app" (Application Bundle) as the primary... 0.00
Including custom dll and dylib in MonoMac app +3.84
Mono WCF client cannot talk to .NET WCF server when Transport secur... 0.00
Debug.Assert does not break into editor in MonoDevelop/MonoTouch 0.00
Is there a better permalink solution +0.84
whats wrong with this conditional operator? +2.28
import c++ dll, returning a structure with array of doubles 0.00
Reading WCF behavior elements from config file programmticlally whe... -0.38
Regular expression needed for specific string in PHP +1.02
Break on instruction with specififc opcode in gdb +5.27
Multiple clients async connection, sync send/receive 0.00
Can I wait until my file created in order to handle this file using... -0.02
Maximum valid block size value for DESCryptoServiceProvider 0.00
c - passing a pointer to a function with a parameter of void* varia... -1.38
ShowDialog() in Mono -4.24
How to build Wcf service that runs/processes request after client t... 0.00
How can I override some properties in nested interface? 0.00
how to select transport automatically depending on schema? 0.00
ruby-savon communicate with mono-wcf 0.00
Adding a header file to Xcode +3.83
execute x number of Actions each every n milliseconds +4.65
Retrieve String Containing Specific substring C# +3.46
Retrieve number from string using Regex in c# +3.45
matching a string that does not have the html tag span twice on the... 0.00
How can Mono remove files matching a regex +3.57
FaultContract inheritance 0.00
Error when trying to compile Mono 3.0.2 on CentOS 6.2 0.00
mdtool on mac os x is missing 0.00
Validate NT and LM hashes against Active Directory 0.00
MonoMac NSDrawThreePartImage / C Bindings 0.00
How do I bundle a framework in a monodevelop project? 0.00
Exception by wsDualhttpbinding running on Mono 0.00
mono 3.0.1 An assembly with the same identity `mscorlib has... -4.08
WCF Service On Linux failed to communicate with Client on Windows b... 0.00
MonoTouch auto proxy network credentials not working 0.00
When using MonoMac How instantiate NSDocument 0.00
Console Hosting WCF service Http accessible under mono and IIS +4.02
Cannot access WCF service hosted in Apache with mod-mono 0.00
Building MacOS 10.8 source code on 10.6 +0.01
MonoMac NSWorkspace.RecycleUrls vs. recycleURLs:completionHandler 0.00