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Hans Passant

1731.88 (67th)
908,519 (11th)
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Title Δ
Several short questions about COM .net assemblies, regasm, dll, tlb... 0.00
How to check that the current process is running as Windows Service... -0.18
What is the symbol `myLibrary!__scrt_stub_for_is_c_termination_comp... +0.21
clr profiler api: is ICorProfilerCallback::ExceptionThrown GC safe 0.00
When I rebuild my c++ DLL (which I call from c#) into /CLR (origina... 0.00
Is C++CLI optimized? +1.37
Lossless rotation of a JPG image with Image.Save and EncoderParamet... 0.00
What could be causing an "unresolved external symbol IID_ICall... 0.00
CoInitializeSecurity throws RPC_E_TOO_LATE in Visual Studio 2017 0.00
C# WinUSB Can't Call CloseHandle on Interface +0.21
Creating StreamWriter instances crashes the application with RPC er... 0.00
What is going on with Task.Delay().Wait()? +0.20
How to distinguish System.Diagnostic.Process.Exit events based on t... +0.23
Undefined Symbol: _ZN3a13A when importing pybind11 bindings 0.00
Drag and drop event handler for console apps 0.00
Why are there no octal literals in C#? +0.22
Output of SysInternal's handle.exe 0.00
Why the default SynchronizationContext is not captured in a Console... +0.22
NamedPipeServerStream.ReadAsync() does not exit when CancellationTo... +0.56
Auto shuffle between windows forms every after 5 min -0.86
Why does the "out" parameter exist in C# as a language co... +0.90
How to solve LNK2019 unresolved external symbol DriverEntry referen... -2.86
Setting the value of a System::Drawing::Imaging::PropertyItem^ 0.00
Why OnPaint is not called anymore if it fails to load a picture once? 0.00
Unexpected calling convention for PInvoke 0.00
Pinvoke native method with pascal callingconvention 0.00
Buffer.BlockCopy vs Array.Copy curiosity 0.00
How does the CLR avoid thunking when calling c++ functions? 0.00
Feature flags / toggles when artifact is a library and flags affect... +0.25
C# marshal unmanaged pointer return type -2.68
PerformanceCounter CPU & Memory like Task Manager +0.21
Does Array.Copy maintain the guarantee about atomic reads and write... 0.00
When should Task.ContinueWith be called with TaskScheduler.Current... +0.44
Given Length of Array Divide Into N Sections Specifying Start and E... +0.39
Prevent adding new csproj from adding AnyCPU back to solution file 0.00
Cannot change service name when the service is running +0.97
Array of pointers in C++/CLI MSIL assembly -0.29
The Source and Log properties must be matched +0.98
Unexpected value after shifting BigInteger to the left 0.00
GetCursorInfo WinForms vs WPF C# 0.00
Why may C# console applications call `Application.Run()`? 0.00
Deploy assembly as part of .Net Framework +0.20
Why does a loaded PE binary need IAT? 0.00
Component Object Model (COM): Where does IMalloc::Alloc allocate me... +0.77
Firing events in C++ and handling them in C# 0.00
Enable native code debugging to deep into COM-object 0.00
node.js Setup Wizard ended prematurely in windows 10 64bit +0.41
Keyboard.IsKeyDown false over UAC process with uiAccess=true? 0.00
Does .NET have predefined constant values for DispIds? -2.30
Is Math.Log implemented in a way to avoid loss of precision for log... +1.01