An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1743.62 (45th)
198,363 (238th)
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Title Δ
check whether Field[] contains a field with name XXX 0.00
How to create an image from a JFrame with setVisible(false)? 0.00
JProgressBar.setMaximum(int) sometimes doesn't seems to work +0.45
SwingWorker creates multiple thread 0.00
A few questions about Java Reflection -2.20
Getting UTF8 strings directly from the web service call without con... -1.98
IOException when creating a temporary file? +0.19
Java Swing Application Fullscreen mode 0.00
Getting a Method object representing the origin of an Exception +0.44
Tracking the progress of wget (bash) with SwingWorker / Swing -1.57
Can all Java applet run on 64bit JRE enabled browser? +0.45
How can only one servlet instance exist in multiple threads? -0.57
Dynamic String Size -0.06
ARM doesn't properly close files, causing too many open files e... +0.43
How do I retrieve the interface of the constants from a generic enu... -0.47
getResource() unable to read contents of a directory inside jar +1.90
Including image Icons in executable jar file 0.00
Understanding who provides servlet-api.jar, is it web-container or... +0.32
Java to XML Annotation for inheritance +2.11
how to insert data in database before session timeouts within given... 0.00
how to set a dynamic web module in eclipse luna 4.4? 0.00
How to guarantee atomic move or exception of a file in Java? +0.25
How to know whether a string path is Web URL or a File based +0.43
Java method params: var args vs array +1.55
InputStream returns unexpected -1/empty -0.29
convert float to short with minimal loss of precision -1.31
Change JSpinner Size (width) -0.04
How to do logging without a logging framework package dependecy? 0.00
Java 8 FilterOutputStream exception +0.16
where clause does not work in GAE datastore viewer 0.00
Why is my image not filled with green? -0.95
Setting an Integer from a if-then statement -0.21
Appengine Key serializes transient appIdNamespace 0.00
JTable columns wont show up -0.97
Sharing array of bins between threads -1.07
Error "cannot resolve method" +0.44
JAXB write and read byte[] to xml - different values +0.33
Need advice in enum design structure in Java +1.08
How to set Tomcat environment variable to System environment proper... 0.00
Java Swing - MultiThread and Repaint -0.07
Java references not updated -0.32
unable to call repaint from inner class -0.04
How to replace only the space character with something else -0.56
Java - How to apply a keyboard shortcut of 3 keys for a JButton? +0.35
1 JTable column for 2 data options -0.07
JList lost in JTabbedPane 0.00
Java: Getting the array location of null values -0.20
the default MaxInlineSize for java methods is 35 bytes of bytecode 0.00
Handle request in Google App Engine Task Queue 0.00
Confusion with subclasses and superclasses +2.34