An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1756.01 (34th)
198,363 (238th)
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Title Δ
Java: Getting the array location of null values -0.20
the default MaxInlineSize for java methods is 35 bytes of bytecode 0.00
Handle request in Google App Engine Task Queue 0.00
Confusion with subclasses and superclasses +2.34
while reading a file and stored into Hashmap, it is showing Array i... -0.71
constant enum value in HQL 0.00
Why is there a ConcurrentModificationException even when list is sy... +1.34
inserting millions of xml files into basex -0.08
Path object ends with "/" +0.82
Casting from Object to Enum +1.48
JAppet loading images 0.00
Close Encapsulating Writers/Streams for ServletOutputStream 0.00
Executing wmv file packaged in jar 0.00
What are the ways to refresh a JButton with ImageIcon? -1.70
what is the file equivalent to ImageIO -1.91
Java: How to determine if type is a primitive/wrapper/String, or ot... -0.14
Hierarchical style of coding Java GUI 0.00
Best Practices to avoid Dependencies between Java Classes in a cert... -0.64
Difference Between Iterator remove vs ArrayList remove? -0.05
How to get the remote user's username in java +0.13
How to add date in jboss logs, Logger is Java.util.logging.Logger 0.00
Cant add text to JEditorPane with text/html 0.00
Difference in passing an object to an arraylist (initializing once... -0.38
What is the efficient method of utilising length() function and boo... -1.09
Is Chaining methods in Java slow? -0.18
How do I create a JAR where the package is in the root folder? (and... -0.06
Retrive environment variable value from code in mac OS 0.00
ClassCastException with enhanced for loop 0.00
How to use fields in java enum by overriding the method? -0.00
how to exactly make a JButton with an image? -0.06
Java find what JFrame belongs to a JPanel +0.44
Exit java process.exec when parent thead stops 0.00
External application closes when the JFrame is closed -0.06
Java RenderedImage subsection 0.00
Better JDBC Connection Pool management -0.11
How to make an action command for same buttons +2.50
How to start video quick on a JFrame using JMF 0.00
Allocating 2 dimension array of a class Java +4.90
How can I get the coordinates of a cell in a JTable? 0.00
Moving undecorated JFrame using mouse event and thread to update 0.00
Effective java item 9: overriding hashcode example +4.18
Alternative for checking module before using `>>`? 0.00
Are Java anonymous classes created at runtime? -0.93
What is wrong with my code that I keep getting error? 0.00
Java changing variable name changes program behaviour +3.62
How to split big HashMap<String, Integer> into smaller ones +4.71
increasing the size of spot indicator on JTextArea +3.82
Can't get zip entries from DataInputStream 0.00
Can we create FileItem object from file name and location? 0.00
Indication when user closes JDialog +4.02