An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1737.17 (53rd)
156,232 (350th)
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Title Δ
BufferedReader ReadLine froze the program 0.00
Month grouping - get count for each month -1.31
Is there a way to use the Delegation design pattern without losing... -3.22
apache POI issue in formatting 0.00
Writing Dates Using POI Tutorial 0.00
How do I use an IN OUT CLOB parameter defined in a Stored Proc in O... 0.00
Data manipulation and analysis framework in java 0.00
How to iterate between 0.1f and 1.0f with 0.1f increments in Java? +4.42
SQLDeveloper runs query but getting a "ORA-00979: Not a Group... 0.00
How to send the data CLOB AND BLOB types to the database from java 0.00
How to send the data CLOB AND BLOB types to the database from java 0.00
Adding multidimensional arrays of arrays in Java +2.94
input int at printin -2.07
how to get the output of query to a csv file in oracle or by other... 0.00
Java stuck in infinite loop executing a wmic command on Windows Ser... +4.04
Apache POI - Read and store Rich Text content in DB 0.00
Why does post-increment work on wrapper classes +0.67
Anything wrong with instanceof checks here? -3.71
Create objects without causing a stack overflow error? +4.70
compiling class methods in java -0.90
Creating an AI for BlackJack -1.35
What values are used as reference to calculate the color code here? 0.00
Calculating a recurrence function in Java -4.26
APACHE POI getting exact font color from excel in Java 0.00
Is it possible to append 2 rich text strings? 0.00