An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1511.57 (59,146th)
336 (368,982nd)
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Title Δ
java path setting on windows 8.1 -0.10
Why did my import fail in Java? +2.59
How to serve Angular App with Spring? +3.94
Send Status code and message in SpringMVC -0.06
Setting Backbone model through JSON file -0.21
backbone form submit? -0.62
Is it a good design to use a spring's MVC tag ( let's say form:inpu... 0.00
Spring MVC and Backbone jQuery Template conflict -0.55
Is it possible to set an Object to be null from within itself? +1.10
When updating mysql table row, current_time_stamp updates as well -2.79
How to write an abstract main class +3.95
Spring - download file and redirect -0.19
SQS Message always stays inflight +4.43
Creating a File using PrintWriter in Java, and Writing to that File -2.15
send a multiple serialize form +4.06
After creating SQS message, how can I monitor when it gets deleted? +0.13
How to send multiple emails using Amazon SQS and SNS? 0.00
ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor - single task/thread running often or m... -1.97