An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1383.46 (4,409,249th)
2,680 (62,776th)
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Title Δ
Scala compilation into machine code 0.00
Serialize/ Deserialize C++ classes +0.18
How to create a custom Ubuntu image +0.69
N step fft in D language +0.49
Android camera calibration without chessboard 0.00
Can't catch node-opencv errors? 0.00
why do we need to burn a root file system in embedded system develo... -0.35
Visual Studio 2012 Natvis skip IndexListItems 0.00
New embedded project; which ARM CPU has best Linux support? -0.07
Using a virtual machine to learn assembly 0.00
Pixel Intensity in opencv# +0.17
Significance of 64 in x86-64 +0.16
low cost Linux development board for kernel development -0.10
Finding the convex hull of an object in opencv? -0.31
how can i measure distance of an detected object from camera in vid... -0.33
Automatic login on Angstrom Linux 0.00
Is there a lot of Plan 9 development? -0.34
Mat access element OpenCV2.3 0.00
OpenCL force buffer to stay on the GPU -0.35
Assigning to char *[50]? +0.39
OpenCV counting cameras -0.32
Getting started with this ARM7 board -1.55
OpenCV C++ with Android 0.00
Looking for a lightweight MFC line graph library -1.59
MFC dialog disappears after a time-consuming OnPaint() 0.00
c++, std::atomic, what is std::memory_order and how to use them? -1.02
How to do object recognition with OpenCV? 0.00
How to start linux systems & device drivers programming +0.25
Camera Calibration - Rational Distortion Model 0.00
Comparing Images for similarity +0.15
How to hide a toplevel GTK window while executing its callback +0.62
Trying to get the centre of a circle with opencv -0.01
cvBlob and cvBlobLib in openCV -0.35
PDF view library for android +0.60
referenced array == array -0.86
What's the use of Canny before HoughLines (opencv)? -0.34
How to draw a line in a GtkDrawingArea using Cairo with Gtk3 0.00
error in necessitas while use openCV libs -0.34
.vimrc for C developers +0.66
Generate binary code from hex code 0.00
How to find contours in an image in OpenCV? 0.00
how to boot this code? -0.35
blob extracting using opencv +0.16
how to set values of a CvPoint -0.39
Blob detection with opencv 0.00
OpenCV Transform using Chessboard -1.60
Learning Lisp and artificial intelligence +0.73
free cv::Mat without releasing memory -1.16
program to implement password security in c languge? -0.80
Assembly to high-level language conversion -1.30