An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Dax Fohl

1477.92 (4,377,541st)
7,478 (21,216th)
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Title Δ
Throttle - call a function at most every N milliseconds? +0.58
F#: How to process a list of tuples? -0.43
C# - optimize logic -0.46
Implement extensibility on callback? +2.04
Is there a cleaner way to write null propagation in the earlier ver... -0.69
Ternary operator adding to dictionary<string, list<uri>> -1.74
C# - Make UI function during like a infinite loop until button pres... +0.03
check a string array from a list contains a string from another lis... -0.07
C# LINQ join between multiple lists 0.00
C# interface implementation with derived interface -0.65
How to assign "var" inside if statement +1.14
OnceAsync: run f# async function exactly once 0.00
Is it possible to have sub-modules in Haskell? -1.02
Error calling API -0.47
How to serialize an enum with JSON.NET based on an attribute? 0.00
Non decreasing list of lists -0.83
Apply functions to each tuple in a list -0.76
Async.StartImmediate vs Async.RunSynchronously 0.00
Why doesn't c# allow multiple return values? +0.52
How to multiply two (double option)s in F# -1.12
Functional way of handling resource clean up in F# 0.00
Can I use F# to build a (cross-platform) library for use in an othe... 0.00
Why does using a backwards pipeline operator resolve a compilation... -0.22
Capture exception in Async.Start? +2.17
Working with classes in F# (mutability vs immutability / members vs... -0.54
This Value is Not a Function and Cannot be Applied F# +1.77
Is there a way to perform a comparison while maintaining a fluent p... -0.77
Why would I ever want to use Maybe instead of a List? -1.30
Select List Values from an Object in LINQ C# -0.21
VS 2015 with F# cannot build the project, because dll is used by an... 0.00
Law of Demeter confusion with the simple classes -0.47
JSON field's names in the Web Service response 0.00
What's to know about pre-set keywords like :refer, :use and :on... -0.43
Prevent cygwin bash from logging error on shebang +0.53
c# cannot-access-a-disposed-object - Form accessed by worker thread 0.00
Convert recursive void to recursive string function in C# +0.03
Why does my data flow finishes before all async calls are fully pro... 0.00
Confusing overload resolution +0.71
Unexpected property when serializing F# option field in record type... 0.00
Clojure parse JSON objects and extract specific key -0.00
Process all file change events within specified time frame with TPL... 0.00
'while' in async computation expression where the condition... -0.79
Clojure Access-Control-Allow-Origin error when posting a request 0.00
F# tricky recursive algorithm +0.53
Why is a dictionary that I define in one module not allowed to be m... 0.00
Dependent Types in C#: making the output type depend on the input v... +2.21
reflection and pattern matching in F# +3.17
How can I use Seq.sum for any .Net value types? 0.00
deploy compojure app that is also a CLI app +0.57
Parameter names in abstract tupled function +2.44