An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1682.88 (225th)
124,540 (516th)
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Title Δ
Convert object into 2-d array but remove keys -0.90
What is the correct C# syntax to send a List<> with more than... -1.69
How to tell Typescript that lodash.filter() makes something non-null? -2.83
How to guard parameter by interface? 0.00
Match whole word if it meets a condition +0.77
Typescript Interface as series of OR interfaces -2.60 C# Is there a better way to dynamically assign values based... +1.11
Why union of unit type intersections results in never type? -2.40
C# Select property with name 0.00
Regex for inconsistent html color codes 0.00
Why do i get nothing back when i add more than one char to the end... +0.25
How to use Array.fill to create 0...499 in JavaScript? -2.73
finding index of item in nested array +0.23
javascript "basic Object Oriented", callbacks, and headac... 0.00
Destructuring a TypeScript Object -1.20
Check enum null when it is not nullable and do not have any null op... -0.25
Reverse (flip) a 2d array JS -1.22
Better way to convert string to string literal in TypeScript +0.06
Styled Components TypeScript +0.24
Is it possible to develop using local projects instead of having to... -0.99
Humanizer Months, Weeks, Days, Hours 0.00
get property of array as new array c# 0.00
Typescript ReturnType with nested functions 0.00
How to refine the value of a property on an object in typescript? +0.85
How can I implement a promise in my calculator function? -1.17
Get a list of Available Functions on Tampermonkey 0.00
How may I prevent Promise from further execution? 0.00
Why can't I write asynchronous code like this in JavaScript? 0.00
Why am i getting an error when using union type to separate a diffe... 0.00
x.x is not a constructor 0.00
Block scope in ES5 +0.24
How to refactor && () when returning component -1.58
How can I write Fibonacci with for...of? +1.88
How to pick a type from a nested object? 0.00
Can you call an asynchronous function/method directly with a .then? 0.00
Dates within 10 months +0.22
Trying to create a deck of cards using For Loop +0.44
How to add properties to Javascript array recursively with a one li... -1.20
How to sort object keys in an array, based on object properties? +0.52
Typescript Enum Object.values() return value 0.00
typescript array remove item if condition matches +0.72
How to transform JSON object to another in TypeScript 0.00
RegEx for single asterisk (*) and alphanumeric -1.08
typescript type of class that has to be initialized 0.00
Want to understand code flow of +0.24
Assigning a function to a variable without invoking 0.00
Filter / reduce nested object recursively +0.25
error TS2365: Operator '+' cannot be applied to types '... 0.00
Getting items from an array with certain attributes and displaying... -1.31
How create a foreach loop to print array in reverse? 0.00